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Evernote 4.x no more working since Crossover 12.0

I'm in trouble because Evernote 4.x was fully functionnal under version 11.3.
But unfortunately, I can't upgrate to 12.0 because it crashes when launching using this new version.

Therefore, I had to go back to 11.3.


Olivier Pantalé wrote:

I'm in trouble because Evernote 4.x was fully functionnal under
version 11.3.
But unfortunately, I can't upgrate to 12.0 because it crashes when
launching using this new version.

Therefore, I had to go back to 11.3.


If it's any comfort to you, I have the latest 4.5 build and that works. The 4.6 build crashes and burns for me too. I see no mention of version 4.6.x on winehq :/

My version is, and it crashes...

I don't have downloaded a 4.6 version.


The one I've downloaded from filehippo is Does this happen with an old bottle that you have migrated to version 12? Did you try a fresh install (to a new bottle)?

Same problem here.
I use crossover 12.1.0 on Linux Mint 14.
Evernote (or other new versions) does not run.
Evernote runs fine.

Evernote 4.6.x and 4.5.x stopped working in crossover 12.1

The interesting part is that Evernote 4.6.x runs perfeclty with wine-1.4 that came with Mint 13 but not with crossover 12.1

Evernote.com is using Amazon to serve their installers. For those who need Evernote, the direct download is: http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/win4/public/Evernote_4.5.10.7472.exe

It should work for any version of Evernote you need.
For example, if you need Evernote, just use http://evernote.s3.amazonaws.com/win4/public/Evernote_4.6.2.7927.exe

Sorry for the very late reply on this (I've been extremely busy lately). Are you still having issues? I've been running 4.6.x just fine on CX12.x (now on 12.2 with Ubuntu 13.04).


Have you looked through the tips & tricks to see if any of those points help?

There are issues with crashes on start-up. The usual symptom is that the process runs on high CPU (shows 300% for me!). When this happens you need to kill the bottle. Sadly for whatever reason, Codeweavers removed the bottle reset link. To use it, run "/opt/cxoffice/bin/cxreset". I've simply created a Unity shortcut for it.

Once you have killed the process, just try again. Sometimes it can take a few tries to get it running. I've raised this issue with codeweavers but I don't think they will try to fix it.

For what it's worth. I have MS Office installed in the same bottle. Before I start Evernote if I start an office app (like word), Evernote usually fires up without an issue. Perhaps running the other app starts some libraries not loaded when evernote starts fresh???

UPDATE: After I upgraded to 4.6.6xxx, 9 out of 10 times the application would crash on start. I do not recommend this version. Go to file hippo and grab the older 4.6.4xxx. Also I was told that the Crossover developers recommend running each application in there own bottle. I tried this with 4.6.4xxx and it works pretty well.

Just found this thread so sorry for late reply.

ubuntu 12.04.2 with both gnome3 and Xubuntu as alternate login choices
Crossover at 12.2.1

installed following this:

during install, Evernote opened up and ran fine, but the crossover install dialog never completed to finish so I just cancelled it.

stability improved with adding medibuntu from here
I suspect some libraries might have been needed since I was getting errors "Unhandled exception: assertion failed in 32-bit code (0xf77cb425)..."

When I am in Xubuntu/Xfce desktop, clicking on the desktop icon usually only successfully opens Evernote the first time in a session. If closed it hangs on the high CPU state and needs the reset in crossover which I too have added as a launcher. However, RIGHT clicking the Evernote icon and selecting the EXECUTE option usually runs it fine (but not always). I don't know the difference between clicking the desktop icon vs the execture (perhaps working directory?

It seems to run quite well except I now have some diplay corruption of the file names of attachments in the Notes List but that may be my bad as I played around with font options. I might delete and reinstall to fix that.

All in all, quite useable at this point for me.

Hope this helps some one.

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