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Install Window Crashing/Failing

Since the recent merge of the crossovers, I've decided to re-engage myself in getting some of the more difficult games to try and cooperate. However, Forsaken World got worse =( . After getting some applications installed (pando media booster, directx and whatnot) through the crosstie editor, I thought I would finally manage to make some kind of breakthrough. However, the installation window (simulated after a windows reboot) crashes almost instantly after pando media booster is launched within the installation. However, the installation wizard on crossover thinks its still installing something.

After a bit of cleanup, I tried again.
This time the window stayed up... and installed nothing. Crossover said the download was finished, but it took only 10 seconds after the time it started (which is impossible), and it didn't have an new files.

Is this problem my fault, or is something hindering my progress!?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Here's something you should know, I found myself having the same problem...I find that using the Perfect World International bottle program list is a good base...Then you can stop Perfect World's download, and then install Forsaken World Manually.
If it works, then let me complain and say this---Its not the games that have a problem with Crossover, its Crossover that has a problem with the games!
Crossover seems to be really poorly made, and the staff don't seem that intelligent oddly enough. Yes, they're smart for CREATING the program, they're just not being intuitive enough to figure out what to do.
So, yeah, If the client keeps crashing, its solely to blame with Crossover's design now not the game.

I'm sorry that Crossover is not perfectly meeting your specific needs, but to a degree that's kind of the nature of the beast. As an incomplete re-implementation of the win32 API, there are some apps that Crossover runs flawlessly, some that run but with bugs, and some that simply won't run.

When our developers and/or QA spend time to work with a given app, many times the installation and functions of an app can be improved in Crossover, but the problem (as you might imagine) is time, itself - there are tens of thousands of windows applications out there, and we're a company of about 2 dozen (including non-developers). There's just no way we can give each unsupported app the "personal treatment" that may be necessary to get it running smoothly. If that makes us 'unintelligent', then I guess we are...

If you fancy yourself a very skilled programmer, you might consider hacking wine, itself, to help improve the underlying framework:

Otherwise, we do have an advocate program that you might consider getting involved in to bring better functionality to the apps you care about:

Thanks for the list.. It is very helpful espc for those who are new to the game (like me for exmpl)

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