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A few problems I have...
Posted 2011-01-31 08:26
Hello, I have a few questions that would be great to know:

When in window mode, whenever you hold the right-clicker, the camera instantly makes you look down. On full screen it just works dandy, I would just like to see wiki without going from full screen to window over and over. How can I stop this?

Whenever I have the game in windows mode, I can't drag the game around like I was able to the first time, where do I go to change those settings?

How do I get the F commands (f1, f2, etc.) and the command options to where I can use the in-game versions, because I would like to use Command+W without exiting out of the game.
Posted 2011-01-31 10:29
I'm assuming you're on Mac? Can't help you too much, as I'm on Linux, but the first issue sounds related to;forum=1;msg=75885

For the record, it helps to provide what kind of system you're running on and versions of both CrossOver and your operating system.

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