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Downloading quits at In Progress
Posted 2012-12-17 16:27
I'm currently running a 10.7.5 intel macbook air, and I've downloaded and played guild wars correctly before, with Crossover Games, on this machine, but I recently completely uninstalled all of CrossOver Games and every file underneath it.  Now that I try to re-download, it download correctly then freezes after the Arena Net Downloader finishes. Probably just a novice error or not being patient enough to wait through the 20 minutes of In Progress I've accumulated so far, but any reason or help on why its not working this time would be much appreciated.
James Mumm
James Mumm
Posted 2013-05-03 10:20
Having the same problem (uninstalled Guild Wars, want to reinstall it). Crossover hangs early in installation, after the Guild Wars installer appears and runs through a short download. Not sure what the problem is, but would like to be able to solve this. Anyone have a solution?

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