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Posted 2010-07-01 11:10
I installed and when I try loading it says I need directx8 and it says I need an updated graphics card/video card where would I find the drivers to update?

btw im on mac currently using a intel GMA 950

HOW DO I GET DRIVERD HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ken Thomases
Ken Thomases  Staff Member
Posted 2010-07-01 13:21
In Mac OS X, graphics drivers only come from Apple via Software Update.  They are not usually specifically labeled as graphics driver updates, they're just incorporated in OS updates.

I don't really know why Guild Wars is complaining.  It may be detecting the graphics card directly, and not liking what CrossOver is telling it, or it may be detecting the capabilities advertised by the card, and not liking those.

You may be able to get things working by using the Run Command dialog to directly run the gw.exe program, and adding the "-dx8" option as a parameter to the program.  I'm not aware of other users with Intel GMA 950s needing to do that, though.
Posted 2010-07-01 13:36
I just installed my latest updates on my mac and its still doing it so i must be doing somthing wrong with direct x how do I install it so it will work?  I found an exe file of it
Ken Thomases
Ken Thomases  Staff Member
Posted 2010-07-01 14:39
CrossOver already includes an implementation of most parts of DirectX.  If you wish to install Microsoft's DirectX, CrossOver has built-in knowledge about how to do that via its Install Software feature.  Guild Wars shouldn't require that, though.

Did you try using Run Command and passing the "-dx8" flag in after the path to gw.exe?
Posted 2010-07-01 16:50
no still did not work do you want me to record what I am doing and post it on youtube and give you the link?

that way you can see what im doing wrong
Posted 2010-07-19 14:05

I have the same problem,  

but i am now able to get to the guild wars log in screen.

Am now doing an -image to get all the data before i can try it out and see how the graphic and frame rate are may need some more tweaking.

But to getting it loading i have done the following

From menu bar select  Configure  

Manage Bottles

Launch Wine Control Panel

Select Application  gw.exe

then Go to graphic tab.  and change it to software.  

Untick allow pixel shader

Click Apply

Click ok

Load Guild Wars it should run.  

Hope this helps,  

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