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messing with cpu affinity to improve performance
Silviu Cojocaru
Silviu Cojocaru Omniscient Mystical Exalted Nigh-invincible Supreme Raging Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate, Rank 8
Posted 2010-08-23 03:37

I've been using Crossover for a few days and I have to say it's quite an amazing product. I use steam and have a bunch of games that I bought through it and one is GW. I sure liked the fact that Codeweavers actively support this game but I have been seeing poor performance with this game. Barely managing 50 fps tops in outposts. So I decided to go and try to improve stuff. I first went to graphics and playing with the options I saw that no matter what I did things did not improve too much so I cranked everything to high and went to investigate possible CPU bottlenecks.I started steam and then the game, I went to Manage Bottles -> clicked on the one that has the game installed and launched task manager and in the "Processes" tab I right clicked on the game executable and selected "Affinity". I saw that both CPU 0 and CPU 1 were selected (I have a dual core CPU), I deselected one of the cores and the game went to having 30 to 70 fps in the outpost (I was running around, near where people were crowding). To make sure this was not a fluke I went and selected selected once again both cores in the affinity tab and well, performance went to the drain once again.

The good:
CPU affinty settings affect the game and can be easily set

The bad:
You have to do it every time you start the game
CPU affinity can be set only with latest version of CxGames/Cx Pro that are based on wine 1.2

My rig has the following specs:
CPU: Intel E7400| MB: GA-EP31-DS3L | RAM: 4GB DDR2 Kingston HyperX | HDDs 1x640 GB + 1x250GB + 1x80GB |
Video: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 260 core 216 | PSU Vantec ION2 460W

OS is Linux Mint 9 64 bit

PS: I have also found that a way to increase performance in games is, at least for nvidia users, to keep open the nvidia driver preferences app and, when playing, set "PowerMizer" from "Adaptive" to "Prefer maximum performance"

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