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guildwars typing problem
Posted 2011-01-09 09:19
ok I got gw installed it starts up fine but I cannot type into the password fields or name area. I can click on stuff with the mouse and a curser shows in the fields I click into but nothing from keyboard my system is ubuntu 10.10 64bit

Birdbrained Phoenix
Birdbrained Phoenix
Posted 2011-01-09 13:01
I can't reproduce this using Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS (32 bit) and Crossover Games 9.2.1-1.

How did you install GW? Did you have any problems with the installation?  What version of Crossover are you using?
Posted 2011-01-09 16:26
I got it workin I use the 64bit version of ubuntu and xfce. I had to install it from the co web page for it to work.  

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