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ActiveX installation ...

I'm new with codeweavers.
I'm on Linux Ubuntu but I need Internet Explorer to be able to connect to a DVR : It use an ActiveX (DvrOcx) so only IE can be used.
When I connect from a native Windows PC, there is no problem : I configure the Internet Explorer security level in order to allow all activeX to be installed, then it's installed at the first connection to the DVR and I can use it.

I would like to be able to do the same from a native Linux Ubuntu PC. I have Ubuntu 12.04LTS release on an AMD64 PC.
CrossOver seems to be very good but I want to be sure I can connect my DVR with it before buying it. I've installed the free version to try (ia32-crossover_12.2.1-1_amd64.deb). Then I Installed Internet Explorer 7 (french release) within CrossOver : IE is working very well except I do not perform to use the ActiveX !!!
Of course, I've configured the Internet security options to allow the activeX then I simulated a new stop/start of IE from the CrossOver console.

I always got a first message to warn me IE stopped an ActiveX ==> I click on the message then I select "Install the ActiveX".
Then, after several seconds, I get the second message : "Your security parameters don't allow the web sites to use ActiveX controls installed on this computer...". What can I do ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Yeah, I feel your pain. The same thing happens with Dahua DVRs for CCTV. They also use an activex thingamagig to allow people to view the cameras and configure the DVR via a network connection. I have not tried in a while to play with this.

If you have this exposed to the internet feel free to add me as a friend and PM the address so I can try and 1) install the activex control 2) connect to the DVR if I manage the first step.

Hi Silviu,
I've a DVR from Gadspot. It looks like the Dahua's ones...
Did you already performed to connect the DVR from a native linux platform ?

Nah, I was lazy. Whenever I needed Windows I would install an evaluation version in a virtual machine and ran IE in that :) Never got around to see how well ActiveX support was with wine/Crossover

I already installed a virtual machine too : I perform to install the ActiveX, it seems working except I didn't got any video stream :( (the video windows stay grey).

Try to set the security setting to the lowest setting. I remember some cases where this worked. Just make sure not to use Internet Explorer for web browsing that way 😉

Also please write to and describe your problem. We have numerous users who need some special websites with ActiveX applets, and we're always interested in tracking down specific problems.


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