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Libronix with 7.0.1
Well, I have finished my analysis of Libronix with CrossOver 7.0.1.  As far as I can tell, little has changed with performance and installation with Libronix 3.x.  I have tested with each bottle and had a variety of results:

Installation into the Win98 bottle is much the same as with previous Cxoffice versions.  You must still install IE6 before anything else.  You should also install the fonts, since it seems like there are some font issues.  I am not sure if installing the core fonts changes anything, but some dialogues are readable while others are not.  After the installation of IE, you can easily install Libronix, though it appears you should not select the setup file in the root of the cd drive.  Rather you should go to /Setup/Installs and select DLSSetup.exe.  Otherwise you may get a message saying, "You must run Libronix Update first..."  Alternatively, you could just select "Run Windows Command" from the Crossover linux menu and select the setup.exe file (it seems to work fine this way).

Once installation is underway, the process seems to complete without a hitch.  It is only when you run the newly installed program that you realize that something is wrong.  Once running Libronix seems to have the same old problem as before:  A blank screen with no GUI; just a grey workspace.  Keyboard shortcuts work okay and you can even access your library using ctrl+l.  Resources open fine, but everything else appears broken.

Windows 2000
Installation into the Windows 2000 bottle did not seem to work too well.  It progresses as far as the Libronix Update stage of the installation but seems to hang from there.  These seems like an improvement from the last version of Crossover.  

The challenging part with the XP and VISTA bottles is that IE6 does not like to install.  If one could progress beyond this by installing IE 7 or perhaps 8 you might be able to succeed.  The wine version that is setup with the XP and VISTA bottles does not seem to work.  It loads, but is blank.  

Since one cannot proceed to the Libronix installation until IE has been installed successfully, there is little hope for success.

Installation of Libronix 2.x with Crossover
As it has been previously, if you have a 2.x version of Libronix you can install into a Win98 Bottle without an problems.  The GUI is visible and nearly all the important functionality is there.  Though a few features are broken, you can still work with the program so long as you don't need to use lemma density graphs, and some of the more advanced features.
Hi Mathieu

I am currently working on getting Libronix 3.0e to work under the WINE (The none-commercial version of Codeweavers), and I was wondering whether you can give me some information in regards to Libronix under Codeweavers.

1 - Are you able to install 3.0e under Codeweavers?  Step by step instruction (e.g. Installl IE4Linux, then open IE and go to www.logos.com ...etc), also which windows environment (98, xp, vista) best suite for the installation?

2 - Can most of the Libronix functionality works under Codeweavers?


Has this been tried with Codeweave 7.1 yet?
I've had much the same experience as Mathieu with Crossover 7.1.0.  

I was wondering if anyone had found a way of unlocking resources under Crossover, as I can't seem to find a shortcut key that brings up the 'unlock resources' dialogue.
Hello Steven,

First, my apologies for my delayed response.  I normally check these forums more frequently, but I was robbed and my computer was taken in the process.  Anyway, I have my replacement and I am back on track...

So far I have only tested Libronix with Crossover 7.0.1 and previous.  I have also attempted to get Libronix working with the non-commercial WINE project, but with little success.  Ever since Logos went to version 3.x, I have had only marginal success in getting the program working.  In every instance of 3.x the program is barely usable, though you can get some functionality by using short-cut keys.

For Libronix program versions before 3.x you can get most of the functionality you need.  I have found that the Win98 Vintage is the best, as others do not seem to finish the install process successfully.  You will obviously need to install IE6 before you can begin installing Logos.  Use Codeweavers built-in install if you can (assuming you have a decent internet connection).  Otherwise you can choose to install from the Logos cd (most cd's come with IE6 on the media).  

From here you can proceed to install Libronix.  I have found at times that the Crossover installer wizard does not always result in a successful install for some reason.  Nevertheless you can choose the 'run' option (making sure it takes place in the Win98 Bottle where IE already resides).  This has always worked for me and I get a successful install.  

Once the program is installed you may have some font display problems, but you can get around this by setting "prefer sans fonts" to yes in the program options.  Note that you cannot read 3.x books with a 2.x program.

One final note of interest, I have spoken with the folks at Logos (unofficially) and they are currently rewriting the engine for the PC version so that it runs independently of IE (ostensibly brininging the PC Libronix inline with some developments with the recently released Mac version).  The program has been rewritten in C# and (correct me if I am wrong here) some iteration of webkit.  What does this mean for us bastardized Linux people?  Well, perhaps it is a glimmer of hope that the next release of the PC version (due sometime in 2009?) may work with Crossover more cleanly.  At the moment, though this is mere conjecture.

At the moment I am actually running a virtual machine in my Linux OS (as opposed to a dual-boot situation).  Fortunately, there have been great improvements in virtual machines in the last year so that it is in most cases feasible to run Win2K or XP and inside that, my Libronix.  Notwithstanding, it would still be much better to run Libronix using crossover since it would mean less overhead in terms of clock cycles.  Or better yet, a native version, but don't hold your breath on that one... the folks at Logos are under the impression that people using Linux do not pay for software and so do not represent a profitable cross section of their market.

Good Luck!
Hi everyone,

I'm a returning Linux user after a 12 year hiatus.  To say that Linux has changed a bit since then is an understatement.  I don't think then that Wine ran anything, and it seems to be a pretty impressive technology now.

The biggest growing pain I have is not having Libronix up and running.  I'm using a Win98 bottle with Libronix 3.0e and Crossover 7.1.  I have the same symptoms mentioned above (no menus, etc.)

I am sorta able to access my library through CTRL-L.  Unfortunately I don't have my licenses installed, so not a lot in there.  Does anyone know if there is a command line way of importing licenses?

Also, although I'm a Linux ignoramus, I am a former software engineer (C/C++/C#) and would not mind attempting to contribute to the cause here to get this running.  Can anyone give me a one over the world on how to help figure out what the missing dependencies are?

Thanks in advance,


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