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Kind of works on Ubuntu 16.04 and Crossover 15.1.0
Terry L. Triplett
Terry L. Triplett
Posted 2016-05-23 09:43
Linux Version: Ubuntu MATE 16.04.
Crossover Version: 15.1.0

Install:  Install into XP bottle.  Decline install of Adobe Acrobat and Quicktime.  Decline running of Backup and Merge tool.  Eventually installer will present final dialog with "Finish" button.  After pressing "Finish" a turquoise window with no contents will remain and can't be closed, hanging the install process.  Load up a process manager tool (top, htop, System Monitor, whatever). Look for process called "IDriver.exe".  Kill this.  The turquoise window should close.  Close the MasterCook setup window and the install should now complete and the menus should be populated.

Running:  Program starts fine.  As mentioned in another post, when viewing a recipe, the window contents may be blank.  Slightly resizing the window makes the window contents appear and from there things seem to work normally.

What works:  Browsing cookbooks.  Basic searching. Viewing recipes. Printing recipes (tested - works nicely, including graphics). Help tool.

What kind of works:  Creating new cookbook.  Text entry box in New Cookbook dialog doesn't seem responsive, but if you type the name blindly and click OK, the cookbook is created using the name supplied.  Not tested further.

What doesn't work:  Many actions trigger an error dialog which exits the program when closed.  This included adding a new recipe or running the Backup and Merge tool.

Conclusion:  Runs well enough to view and print recipes, so useful for accessing personal cookbooks for basic use and recovery.  The problems encountered seem minor enough that they might be fixed eventually.  The application seems to be mainly using a GUI toolkit of some sort and not doing anything fancy beyond that.  The errors (with the exception of crashes) seem to be limited to quirks in the GUI widgets.  Concievably, installing the right runtime support library or making the right tweaks to wineconfig could make this application work well.  Whether that's worth it is another question - this is pretty old software with limited utility if you don't have personal cookbooks you want to access.

Not tested:  Backup and export of cookbooks (next on my list because I want to migrate to a modern Linux tool that can import MasterCook files, like Gourmet Recipe Manager).  Instructional videos. Modifying existing recipes.

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