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Writing Hebrew in word (USING CROSSOVER FOR MAC) is possible . Here is the solution
Avi Leibovich
Posted 2011-08-11 06:47
First add to the cxbottle.conf file this line -  "LANG"="he_IL.UTF-8" under [EnvironmentVariables] .
Then in the mac osX preferences under language&text  - formats change region setting from hebrew-israel to anything else, including english-israel. Only if you change the region setting you will be able to write in hebrew!

There are still few problems when writing hebrew and then english words that start with capital letters but if use only non-capital letters the format is ok.

hope you'll succeed ,

Yitzhak Bar Geva
Yitzhak Bar Geva
Posted 2012-07-16 06:36
Any new news regarding Hebrew support since this post?

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