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Installing Office 2007 on Fedora 18/Crossover 12
Claude Jones
Posted 2012-12-14 12:12
I'm running the TC1 release of Fedora 18x64 (first release candidate).Crossover 12 installed without problem. I've tried regular install and install via CrossTie of Office 2007. I was getting the gnomekeyring error but I unpacked the RPM for the x86 version of the keyring rpm and put the keywring file in the correct location, and that has seemed to stop the keyring error. The install begins with the downloading of the fontpacks and that seems to go fine, then it begins to try the Office install, and just stops, displaying a message that the installation has failed. The last 20 lines or so of the install log are below - that's where I had found the gnomekeyring error discussed above, but it is no longer appearing - I see nothing to point to what to look for next - does anyone see a problem? There is an error displayed from the Office installer as well, which asks if I want to sent my log data to Microsoft... I declined that offer.
Starting: '/opt/cxoffice/bin/wine' '--bottle' 'Microsoft Office 2007' '--untrusted' '--wait-children' '--no-convert' '--' 'cxinstallfonts.exe' 'C:\users\crossover\Temp\tmp2ZaOsq\AndaleMo.TTF'

Product version=
22950: Grabbing the '/var/tmp/.wine-1000/bottle-fd00-3a6000a.lock' lock
22950: Got the '/var/tmp/.wine-1000/bottle-fd00-3a6000a.lock' lock
CXConfig->read(/home/cj/.cxoffice/Microsoft Office 2007/cxbottle.conf)
Mode = 'private'
Bottle environment variables:
CX_BOTTLE_CREATOR_APPID -> com.codeweavers.c4.1911
 CX_ROOT = "/opt/cxoffice"
 CX_BOTTLE = "Microsoft Office 2007"
 WINEPREFIX = "/home/cj/.cxoffice/Microsoft Office 2007"
 CX_WINDOWS_VERSION = <undefined>
 PATH = "/opt/cxoffice/bin:/usr/lib64/ccache:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/home/cj/.local/bin:/home/cj/bin"
 LD_LIBRARY_PATH = "/opt/cxoffice/lib:/usr/lib64/firefox:/usr/lib64/firefox/plugins:/usr/lib64/firefox"
 WINEDLLPATH = "/opt/cxoffice/lib/wine"
 LD_ASSUME_KERNEL = <undefined>
 WINELOADER = "/opt/cxoffice/bin/wineloader"
 WINESERVER = "/opt/cxoffice/bin/win
Claude Jones
Posted 2012-12-17 12:34
Replying to myself: I decided to give MS Office 2010 a try and it has installed. First try failed with a complaint about missing XML related software. The installation screen had an error message informing me of two missing bits of sofware, one of which was a lib file related to XML. The error screen had linked the missing software titles, and following the links took me to Codeweaver pages which had instructions for installing the missing Linux bits. Once installed, re-running the Office 2010 install was successful
Knight Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2013-01-04 04:22
It Install and Runs very well for me on Ubuntu 12.04.


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