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Procedure for Installing Academic (Download) Version w/ cx 7.0.0 pro
Eric McIntyre
Posted 2008-06-17 22:14
I have a licensed copy of MS Office 2007 Ultimate that was sold as a download (through the "Ultimate Steal" program by Microsoft). The installer is provided as a single file download (mine was called ). The CX installer set up an XP bottle and installed a few programs automatically (fonts, XML parser, etc), but crashed when loading the installer.

I reopened the "Install Windows Software" CX Office tool and chose the option to install from a file, selected the xp bottle already created, and the correct installation file.

The installation succeeded with no further problems.

The activation was unable to complete online, but the applications run without issue.


I think we can finally move many of our office machines to Linux w/ CX Office now.


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