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Issue resizing office program windows
Jamon Terrell
Jamon Terrell
Posted 2008-11-04 17:36
I've found that if I double click on the title bar of any of the office applications, it maximizes the window as expected, but prevents any further resizing.  On applications that I have never double-clicked the title bar to maximize, I'm able to maximize, restore, and resize the windows as expected.  However, if I've ever maximized an application window by double clicking the title bar, it can never be restored or resized (I haven't found any workaround to this, either, short of re-installing office).  Minimize works as intended in all circumstances.

I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid).  I've tried with compiz and metacity as my windowmanager, with no change depending on which windowmanager I'm using.  If I am using compiz, I can use the Expo (Expose) plugin to move the window between desktops but it immediately snaps back to it's old position as soon as it regains focus.

Any thoughts?  Any additional information I can provide that will help?
Jamon Terrell
Jamon Terrell
Posted 2008-11-06 13:28
I do have a workaround for this now--if anyone else runs into this problem.  
1. Right click the title bar, click restore (or click maximize, then repeat and click restore if the window is already 'restored').  
2. Right click the title bar, click minimize.
3. Use alt+tab to switch to the window.  It should now be resizable (use alt+middle click/drag if you can't resize from the edges).
Jamon Terrell
Jamon Terrell
Posted 2008-11-10 09:33
Ah ha! I got to the root of the problem.  This only occurs when you boot up with a single screen configuration and change it to "twinview" or similar after booting.  I can't remember exactly how those internals work, but I remember that those two end up in slightly differing behaviour in many applications.  

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