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i'm trying to install office 2016
Aron Sneep
Posted 2017-11-08 15:30
i'm trying to install office 2016 on my chromebook through crossover but i cant get it to work.
it says i have outdated windows?
and most of the time does not even open.
pls help.
am i using the wrong installer?
W Tsang
Posted 2017-11-08 18:32
No luck on my end either... I have the full Office 2016 installer copied to the Downloads directory on the Chromebook, and am using CrossOver Chrome OS to run the setup.exe.  It seems like it completes, but all that can be launched after installation are File Explorer, Command Shell and Wine Configuration.   Any hints would be welcome!!!
Forrest Dominy
Posted 2017-11-14 12:27
The planned support for this program is with Version 17. This was said last year when they released 16 and support for Office 2013

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