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Debian Experience
James Watkins
James Watkins
Posted 2018-04-03 08:01
I just downloaded and installed the trail version of crossover and installed office 2016. The install went fairly smoothly, a few error messages about not being able to fetch some installers appeared, i downloaded them manually and provided the location to crossover (this was pretty easy).
Once installed i tried opening word, it worked. I then tried signing in, it didn't work. So as per the Tips and tricks section i installed ie8. This helped and i was able to sign in.
The application was pretty clunky and slow. I was unable to browse one drive. The applications crashed regularly. After a few times i was unable to open word at all (an error message about not being able to open
Basically it's unusable. 1 star for trying.
Anna Lasky
Anna Lasky  Staff Member
Posted 2018-04-03 11:32
We have seen reports of errors but have been unable to replicate the failures in house.  If you (or anyone else with this problem) are interested in opening a support ticket (using the Contact Us link at the top of the page) and taking some logs of the behavior, it would be greatly appreciated.  

Unfortunately One Drive is known not to work currently.  All of the ratings for the individual applications in the Office suite are listed below the main suite rating on this page.


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