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Office 2016, all files corrupt
Rick Beebe
Rick Beebe
Posted 2018-04-25 12:49
I was successfully able to install and activate Office 2016 on Ubuntu 16.04 with Crossover 17.1.0. The tips about installing libraries and making sure the browser was in the same bottle were invaluable. I had an issue where the application windows were black & white but enabling "Performance Enhanced Graphics" in the bottle fixed that. The fatal flaw remaining is that I can't open any files. I can a "___ can't open this document because it is corrupt" error. If I tell it to recover the document it fails and just tells me its corrupt again. Any thoughts?
Rick Beebe
Rick Beebe
Posted 2018-04-26 12:54
A follow up. I deleted the bottle, created a new window 7 one. Installed IE8 then re-installed office 2016. Registered it and this time it seems to be working. It's not  the first time I've done that so we'll see if it "sticks". Interesting subsquent problem. I use Thunderbird and I just received a Word document via email. Normally I would open it with LibreOffice Writer but this time I told Thunderbird to open it with Word. Thunderbird crashed. And I got a message that Ubuntu 16.04 has experienced an internal error. /usr/bin/unity-scope-loader crashed. Saving the document and opening it with Word works fine.
Robert Warmbier
Robert Warmbier
Posted 2018-08-22 10:22
I have the same problem, that all files I try open are reported as corrupted. I'm using crossover 17.5.1 under openSUSE Leap 15 to run a University subscription Office 2016. On the bright side installation and activation worked like a charm.

I can create a new empty file and even save it. But can't open any of the suggested templates or saved files.

Trying to open a template for example gives this error message from Word:
"There is a problem saving the file.
Usually this is because the disk or floppy disk is too small for the file or is full, RAM memory is low, or there is a permission problem with the drive the file is being saved to.
If the amount of disk space for a paging file is low, save the file to another drive. If the RAM memory is low, increase available RAM. If permissions to the drive do not allow you to save to that drive, save the file to another drive or request permissions from the administrator to save files to the drive.
Note   This error can also occur if the computer is running a version of antivirus software that is incompatible with the Microsoft Office or must be updated."

Not sure why...

Patronato UNAM
Patronato UNAM
Posted 2018-08-30 18:07
Same problem here, kubuntu 18.04, crossover 17.5.1, IE 8 installed in bottle, at open documents "file corrupt" error, even at open only the app say " corrupt".
Marc K
Marc K
Posted 2018-08-31 01:51
Same here under Archlinux with CrossOver 17.5.1 - installation unproblematic with IE in the same bottle. However, all files, including files created and saved from the bottled MS Word 2016 itself, are reported as corrupt ("The file is corrupt and cannot be opened") - which makes the MS Office installation essentially useless for me. Anybody any idea for a possible workaround?

As a (probably unrelated) observation: CrossOver complains that "Wine cannot find the ncurses library ("
Marc K
Marc K
Posted 2018-08-31 03:19
For what it's worth, I've deleted my MS Office 2016 bottle, which was based on Windows 7, and have reinstalled MS Office 2016 from scratch in a new bottle based on Windows 10 and without IE. Now I can again open MS Office files without getting the warning
Posted 2018-08-31 05:20
I am seeing this same problem. I have bought crossover because it does seem solid with Office 2007 - yes I am still using that version! However, I have been looking to upgrade to Office 2016 and ideally running under Linux and avoiding having to fire up a Windows VM. However, I have had very little luck so far.

My installation: Linux Mint 18.3 MATE Edition (all up-to-date).

Installed into default script Office 2016 bottle using the ODT and making sure that all the linux libraries suggested in "Tips and Trick" were installed. Performance Enhanced Graphics selected and finally IE8 was installed.

Two main problems:

- cannot sign in to Office 365 account as the password window is always blank.
- when running Word in trial mode, all documents are reported as corrupt.

Also seems to be unstable and regularly locks up the X Server requiring a reset. Indeed, the last crash (with PowerPoint) was so bad that it took an fsck and a Raid resync before normal service was restored. I don't really want to try again.

My experience is that Office 2016 does not work with crossover linux. Maybe the problem is installation, in which case there is really a need to get the standard installation script working.


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