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How to get ODBC connections working on CrossOver 17.5
Javier Pérez Montes
Javier Pérez Montes
Posted 2018-09-27 17:20
I recently migrated my old RHEL 6 install to RHEL 7.
On RHEL 6.5 I was using CrossOver 16, Office 2007 plus the internal odbc32 override in order to work through unixODBC.

But as soon as I moved to RHEL 7 I gave Crossover 17.5 a try, and my beloved Office 2007 stopped to work with ODBC connections.
Each time a macro in Excel 2007 opens an ODBC connection I got a "'-2147467259 (80004005)'" error "Error in method 'Open' object  '_Connection'" enabling traces in unixODBC only shows activity but no connection attempt.
Keep in mind that this never happened to me using CrossOver 16, I used sucessfully CrossOver 11 for several years with Office 2000 doing the same tasks.

Well, I wish to mention that there is a solution, not documented in WineHQ, nor here. So I proceed to show it to the audience.

Accidentally I hit the following thread:

And the solution is just in the last message: "... add a library override for library mtxdm to native.  This requires that you reinstall MDAC.  That appears to have fixed the problem."

So, I added the mtxdm library and set it to native in the Wine setup of the bottle. In my case I did not reinstalled MDAC 2.8.

And Bang! All my ODBC connections are working again.

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