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2nd factor authentication doesn't work
Sergii Sopin
Sergii Sopin
Posted 2019-06-26 21:19

I have installed MS Office 2016 and try to authenticate it using corporate Office 365. When I type my emal it redirects me to corporate authentication window, however, when I enter password it resets passord in the input field and shows empty pop-up on top of auth screen.

I have found following errors in the log file:

0068:fixme:webservices:WsCreateHeap ignoring error parameter
0068:fixme:webservices:WsCreateReader ignoring error parameter
0068:fixme:webservices:WsSetInput ignoring error parameter
0068:fixme:webservices:WsFillReader ignoring error parameter
0068:fixme:webservices:WsReadToStartElement ignoring error parameter
0068:fixme:webservices:WsReadStartElement ignoring error parameter
0068:fixme:webservices:WsReadToStartElement ignoring error parameter
0068:fixme:webservices:WsReadType ignoring error parameter
0053:err:ole:apartment_getclassobject DllGetClassObject returned error 0x80040111 for dll L"C:\\windows\\system32\\msimtf.dll"

Could you please help me to figure out how to fix it?
Thank you in advance!
Posted 2019-11-17 13:09
I have the same problem without any solution since a long time.

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