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"Microsoft Publisher 2016" does not open files in the file manager
Posted 2018-05-23 00:26
"Microsoft Publisher 2013" does not open files in the file manager Deepin:
when you open a error:
unfortunately we can not find the specified file ...
Word opens without problems.
Linux Deepin.
Russian language.
what is wrong doing?

Crossover OFFICIALS:

Ii was able to reproduce this problem on my end. As it turns out, MS Publisher currently does not work in a crossover. Of course, it sets, but it will not work. Both 2013 and 2016 have never worked, unfortunately. Due to lack of demand for this application, I do not foresee it being solved in the near future.

Let's increase the demand.
Who needs a Microsoft Publisher, write in this thread.
Let the Crossover manufacturers see the demand.
Please add support for Microsoft Publisher 2016 in the Crossover!

Давайте повысим спрос.
Кому нужен Microsoft Публишер, напишите в этой теме.
Пусть увидят спрос производители Кроссовер.
Прошу добавить поддержку Microsoft Publisher 2016 в Кроссовер!

Those who bought Crossover can vote by the link:
Купившие Кроссовер проголосовать могут по ссылке:

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