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Visio 2007 Service Pack 2 in Crossover 8.0.0
Posted 2009-06-26 10:07
Just to share with you that I have successfully installed SP2 for Visio 2007 professional in Crossover 8 under Fedora11.
I have used the same trick as for Visio 2003 -;tips=1

-Create new empty XP bottle with Crossover Office 8
-Install Visio 2007 according to "Tips & Trick";tips=1
-Copy all CAB's from Visio CD to your bottle drive_c/windows/Installers/ (use find to locate then: find /media/OFFICE12 -name *.cab -exec cp -v {} ~/.cxoffice/*/drive_c/windows/Installer/ \;
-Install SP1 and then SP2 downloaded from Microsoft web page

When you start Visio you will get message "For best performance, you need to download and install a component for
Microsoft". To get rid of this message you have to install XMLLite for Windows XP (KB915865) from

Any Service Pack for Microsoft products (Office, Visio) would only work for genuine products.

I have uploaded screen-shot with Visio SP2 under Fedora.

ps. Can an advocate upload this to tips & tricks please

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