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Works decently CrossOver Games Mac 10 & OS X 10.6.6

Installed from Steam and is playable, though I've noticed some slight graphical glitches.

To get it working I did:

Install a new Steam installation in a new XP bottle with the wizard.

Install Monday Night Combat through Steam.

Following Alan Holloway & Ken Thomases' suggestions in the "Sound and mouse issues" thread, you have to do two other fixes to get sound and proper mouse movement working:

Alan Holloway wrote:

When switched to emulation mode for sound the sound works for me.
To do this go to Configure > Manage Bottles and choose the bottle
with MNC. Go to Control Panel and run Wine Configuration. Under
the Audio tab switch to Emulation mode.

Ken Thomases wrote:

For the mouse, you can experiment with the MouseWarpOverride
registry setting. There's a description
here. In
addition to the options listed on that page, CrossOver Games also
supports an additional option called "force_edge", so experiment
with that, too. To run the registry editor, use Programs > Run
Command, select the bottle, and enter "regedit" as the command.

^ In the registry navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Wine then make a new Key called "DirectInput" (if one isn't there already), then make a new String called MouseWarpOverride and give it a value of force_edge

The mouse will still warp oddly around the screen in menus and other places where you can see the cursor, but when I was actually playing and the mouse was bound to the FPS camera, I had no problems playing.

Only other issue was that there were some graphics glitches on the side of the HUD that shows your powers and money, leaving the time left on power recharges unavailable. To see how much money you have available just press B.

Otherwise the game is playable and I get decent performance on my late 2010 Air. I've played several matches online and had no issues.

Actually one other glitch I've noticed, which is a bit inconsistent since it doesn't always appear, is that there's sometimes a white bar across the top of the screen where the normal OS X menu would be and it pushes the rest of the game down by the same amount of pixels, cutting off the bottom of the screen. I can't figure out what causes this and it doesn't happen every time I load the game, though often enough.

Yeah I have those exact same problems and not sure how to fix yet. I'm sure the screen getting moved down is a common error, I'll take a chance to look in the advocate forums when I can. I'm guessing to fix the problem with the textures would take installing something to read the files properly or tinker with the files themselves. Not really worth it for now. I can see when it the powers are empty and when they finished recharging, just not how much time left till they recharge so not a huge issue.

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