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OSX's tips and tricks.
Yama Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2009-11-06 22:43
Wow, awesome job there, Marshall. Would you mind if I used that format to revamp my own as a general linux advice tip? (though honestly, the only issue I've found so far would be a Pure Virtual Function call that gets fixed by switching to Win98 or lowering the resolution. Unless the user manually switched to DX8, I guess...)

I'd ask you in a PM, but I don't know how to send those yet. >_>
Marshall Reeske
Marshall Reeske
Posted 2009-11-07 00:22

As for the format, go right ahead. I'm a team player when it comes to sharing ideas; I'm not in the business of attaching patents, copyrights, or "Mine mine mine!" signs to everything. :)

The other errors that I'm getting I'm convinced are due to the graphics chip in the 2009 MacBook. NVIDIA doesn't even officially support the GeForce 9400M for Macs (but they do for Windows!). I've played other games outside of Steam and Source that only bug on this particular 9400M chipset ("Warzone 2100" is a good example).

Thanks for the feedback. You've strengthened my faith in this community.
Yama Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2009-11-09 16:05
And it's done. Thanks again =D.

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