Pro Pinball: Fantastic Journey

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Case: Crossover 11, OS X 10.7.3
Ray Haleblian
Ray Haleblian
Posted 2012-05-08 20:58
2007 MacBook, 3GB RAM, Intel GMA950.
GoG release.
Plays in a 800x600 window at full rate.
Does not draw properly in full screen.
Posted 2012-11-07 11:44
Runs fine in windowed mode on an iMac here (10.7.5, Crossover 11.3.1), but no music (sfx and voice works well, but no background music).
Posted 2012-11-07 12:17
Oops, never mind. My bad, sound settings in Fantastic Journey itself have been a bit weird. Master volume was set to 0, which seems to mute the music but nothing else.

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