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Installation and Running
Scott Honey
Scott Honey
Posted 2005-02-15 02:15
Ok, I finally managed to get Quicken 2005 Premier working using 4.1.0.

The only way I have managed to get the software running is by using a windows machine with it preinstalled. I copy the "Quicken" directory from "Program Files" to the "Program Files" directory within the dotwine directory structure.

The application shortcuts have problems and I find myself launching the application by a terminal. No big deal, since I use short cuts on the desktop anyways.

[Note on One Step Updating]
One Step updating appears to work just fine when using a preinstalled windows copy.

[Application Performance]
The application all in all runs quite well. I do notice some slow refresh times on images and graphs, but it is expected with whats all going on in the background right now.

Backups dont work but I haven't noticed any features that don't work. I'm sure there are features that don't, but I just haven't noticed any.
* DONT TRY TO DO BACKUPS *, seems to crash when the memory gets full.

I get three "Could not load SkuMap" errors and one "Could not load QWPA.INI" error. I also get an error saying the "Online setup information is missing".

Scott Honey
Scott Honey
Posted 2005-02-15 02:41
Backups do appear to be working after playing around with it a little more. Some times it does crash saying it ran out of memory.
Lee Parmeter
Lee Parmeter Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2005-02-18 20:46
qwpa.ini and skumap.dat are suppose to be in:
/Windows/All Users/Application Data/Intuit/Quicken/Inet/Common/Content/

There are other files and folders missing as well when the installation is done in CX4.1. The main problem is with the installation phase as proved by the fact that Quicken 2005 works properly if the contents of the following 2 directories

/Windows/All Users/Application Data/Intuit/Quicken/ ....
/Quicken or /Program Files/Quicken

are copied to your CX4.1 installation after Installing Quicken 2005 in CX4.1 first; so the registry gets setup and the program is registered in the CX4.1's install/remove component.

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