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Working great!
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall
Posted 2005-03-14 14:42
This is working great with 4.2beta1!

Only two small (very small) issues:

1) After installation, the 'Rebooting Crossover Office' message comes up, and the installation starts up again (at the beginning!)  This isn't a big deal, as clicking 'Cancel' leaves you with a good installation.  It's just a minor glitch.

2) While the entire interface is a bit sluggish, the graph on the main page is really, really, REALLY slow.  (it takes about 20 seconds to draw on my system.)  I don't use it, and it is easy to turn off, so for me it is not really an issue.

I'll post here if anything else pops up with extended use.

Posted 2005-03-19 15:07
that's good to hear, Quicken is the only reason I still have a Windows desktop at home.

On another topic, does anyone ever go to the IRC #crossover channel to ask questions?  It seems a bit slow, then again it could be because it's Saturday.

John Lathouwers
John Lathouwers
Posted 2005-03-22 22:30
I've been using Quicken 2005 Premier without any major problems for over 6 months now starting with Crossover 3.0.1.  For those who don't have access to a Windows machine or the 4.2 beta for the 4.1 SKUMap problem... This works like a charm:
Install Crossover v3.0.1 (doesn't have SKUMap problem with Quicken)
Install IE6
Install Quicken 2005 Premier (as unsupported)
Upgrade to Crossover v4.1

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