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Intuit is Forcing me to update from Quicken 2005
Peter Donnelly
Peter Donnelly
Posted 2008-01-27 19:25
I am run Crossover 6.0.1 on my MacBook.  I use it to run only Quicken 2005 and it runs very well.  One of the key features I use is the One Step Update.  This downloads my banking transactions into Quicken.   Quicken 2005 fills all of my needs but several days ago I started getting a new dialogue box warning me that support and online updates for my Quicken 2005 will disappears as of 4/30/08.  I have read some of the blogs and it does not look like Q06 or Q07 can do online updates running in Crossover.  

Is anyone else having this problem?   Any suggested solutions?

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