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Quicken 2017 Reconcile not working
Ginny Blakely
Ginny Blakely
Posted 2017-03-17 19:38
I upgraded to 2017 last weekend from 2016.  Like others report, it repeatedly tries to download a new version.  In addition to this issue, I've encountered another significant one.  I tried reconciling an account for the first time since the upgrade.  After entering the 'end date', 'ending balance' and clicking "OK" it goes back to the register and hangs.  The 'Return to Reconcile' button displays at the top right, but is not responsive.  The application must be closed to get out of the stalemate.  Is anyone else experiencing this?
Ginny Blakely
Ginny Blakely
Posted 2017-03-18 11:30
False alarm.  A reboot appears to have cleared up the issue.

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