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G2/G3 Installation Tips Discussions
Although I am Advocating the G3 Flight Simulator, I am really testing using the G2 version.  This is for three reasons: 1) It seemed silly to add G2 to the CodeWeaver Database since this version is practically obsolete nowdays (still very useful however, as a test vehicle and fun).  2) The issues that prevent G2 from working in Linux appear to be common in preventing the later versions (G3, G3.5, G4 and G4.5) from working.  3) I only have the G2 version at this time.

Test System and Environments:
AMD64x2, GeForce 6600 PCI-e (nvidia 185.18.31), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3, CrossOver Linux 8.0 and Crossover Games 7.2.2, win98, win2000 and winxp bottles.

Installation Overview:
The RealFlight R/C simulator installation is a two part process.  The first part verifies the software and I-Controller, creates the directories and populates them with the necessary files from the CD, then creates the desktop and menu links.  The second part of the installation occurs when RealFlight is opened for the first time.  This part copies a large file, RFV2.DCK (550 MiB+) and another smaller file RFV2.adj (1.1 MiB) to the RealFlight/Data directory.  Note that the file names mentioned will vary depending on your RealFlight version.

Initial Problems:
After install part 2 is complete, the application will automatically attempt to open.  The Great Planes logo will appear with a message stating "Loading Program".  Shortly thereafter, an error message box may appear stating "A Debugger has been detected... Unload the debugger and try again".  See Tips for a work around.

What Works and Not Work:
1)  The installation proceeds perfectly without error.
2)  The Control Panel is nearly fully functional (see screen shot).
   a)  The On line Updates and Registration don't work either in Linux or Windows anymore (application age?).
   b)  Technical Support:  MSInfo, Display Properties, Explorer and Launch Device Manager (Windows tools).
3)  After updating, application opening stalls with an information box stating "Not Connected... Please plug in the I-Controller and press OK to continue...".

The I-Controller recognition problem appears to be related to the application looking for a HID USB device rather than just a USB device.  My Linux system sees the I-C as /dev/js0.  Opening the RealFlight Control Panel and selecting Technical Support -->Joystick proves the application recognizes I-C control inputs correctly.  Attempting to link DosDevices COM or USB ports to /dev/js0 fails to work.  Perhaps a DRM issue?

Optimistic Speculation:
If the application were to recognize the I-C, I believe G2 and the subsequent versions would likely run fine under Linux.  Some evidence is that the free downloadable G4-Demo installs and works well if one accepts the default setups (see the G4-Demo DB application).

CrossOver Forums: the place to discuss running Windows applications on Mac and Linux

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