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Works great, but magic mouse inconsistencies

I'm running RIFT on a 2012 Macbook Air as well as a 2010 iMac 27". Both on 10.8.4. Performance is very acceptable so far, granted I have to run the game with the Low Quality Render to get the most consistent and stable (27-40) framerate. However, on the iMac I'm noticing that the input location for the magic mouse is sometimes off-center from the tip of the "pointer". In other words I may hover the mouse over a UI element which "lights up" when the mouse is normally on it - but the mouse is actually slightly to the right (sometimes it's very close, other times maybe an inch!).

Are there programs that I can add to the bottle which might increase mouse stability/accuracy, or any changes I can make to the Wine config? I use a basic logitech wireless USB mouse on the Macbook Air and it doesn't seem to have any issues.

Same thing is happening to me. Mouse clicks sometimes don't register, hovering over characters and objects sometimes doesn't show tooltip, general inconsistency with mouse pointer, pointer sometimes defaults to middle of the screen.

iMac, 27" - Mid 2011
OSX 10.8.4
Mouse: Razer Naga 2012 edition, running synapse 2.0

I'm having the same issue. Any idea how to fix it?

Think I figured it out went to the wine configuration for the bottle. Went to graphics and checked Automatically capture mouse in full screen window. Now when I switch desktops and come back I have to put the cursor in the corner to get it to "recalibrate" but once I've done that it seems to work fine.

Hello, I have a similar issue, i'm not really sure how to call it, mouse glitch? mouse offset?

I tend to use my mouse a lot for looking around and moving and by doing that I often get my mouse to seem off-centered.
I see for instance a button light up as if i was hovering over it, but the pointer is a cm or two off above, below, left or right of that button, it can happen in any direction.
Just clicking the screen seems to reset the position to the pointer though. I always have to double click for anything i want to interact with, the first to reset the pointer problem and the second to actually click on what i want to click.

I've tried windowed and full screen on different resolutions and that didnt fix it. There is only one thing that did fix the issue, that was to enable the virtual desktop in the wine configuration and turning off the experimental mac driver, but with the mac driver off, i have a lot of graphical glitches.
Configured with the virtual desktop ON and the mac driver ON, the mouse issue persists though it doesnt look like the virtual desktop setting is taken into account in that case.
I also tried the capture mouse setting and that didnt work either.

Im running on a late 2012 imac, i7 processor, Geforce GTX 680 MX with a razer naga mouse and synapse 2.0

Except for the mouse isse, the game seems to be running pretty well, but i feel like this is one of the reasons that could hold me back on purchasing the package, i don't suppose there is a difference between the trial version and the non-trial version of crossover?

If anyone has an idea whether this mouse issue could be fixed somehow i would appreciate the help 😊

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