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Trados - Why not working?
Trados needs to use dotnetfx to run but dotnetfx can't be installed succesfully.
Trados 2007 on Wine (tested with wine 0.9.37 to 0.9.40) with Suse Linux Desktop Enterprise 10.2

First install Java 2 for Linux ( or from your distribution).

Then install MS Office (this had been tested with MS office 2003).

MS Office:
The easiest way for prepare MS office for Wine is when you still have a Windows Version.
Now download Orca from
Copy out the msi files from the CD to Windows.
Open with Orca the following files:

On the first two, go to  InstallExecuteSequence and delete  ShedSecureObjects and  ExecSecureObjects.
On pro11n.msi, go to  InstallExecuteSequence and delete  ShedSecureObjects,  ExecSecureObjects,
CreateAIInjData and CreateWRCDownload.
Now copy the whole Office installation CD on Linux and replace the 3 msi files through the 3 in Windows amended files.

Now to prepare Wine:
You have to install the following dlls and set them as native in winecfg:

Do wine regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll

You also have to add a native msiexec.exe file to replace the one in Wine because if you don’t do so, after entering the licensing keys of your office, the installation will stop abruptly saying that the installation source had been corrupted.  

Now go in the console to the place where you saved the OFFICE11 files and do  wine msiexec /i pro11n.msi. The installation should run on the same way as if it were Windows. Where it is asking you where to save it, the directories offered are the ones created by Wine.

To start Word, you have to go to the Microsoft Office directory, where winword.exe is saved and enter wine winword.exe.

Please note that at the moment the automatic registration of Word is not working. This means you will have to call the Microsoft service center to register it or you will only be able to open Word 50 times.

Internet Explorer (needed for Synergy and .NET 2 Runtime environement

To be able to install IE, you need the following dlls:
Add them and set them to native in Winecfg.
Now you can get IE on Microsoft homepage:

In Winecfg -> Drive -> show advanced, you have to change the type from „Autodetect” to „Local hard disk”.

Then go to the directory where you saved the IE6 file and start it using wine...

It should download properly and the necessary directories are created with the needed files.
IE is not running because of register problems but at least the files that I later need are there.

Now .NET

.NET 2 is not installing because the BITS is needed. However I had some chance with .NET 1, once the IE had been installed.
You can find .NET1 from

.NET 1 needs the following dlls:
mscorwsks.dll (already provided through the installation of IE)

I usually put all files that are needed for Wine in a specific directory in drive_c.

Now go to the directory where you saved it, enter wine .... (the name of the file) and with some luck, .NET is installing.

Now up to Trados

Please absolutely save the installation source within wine, it is important later (because Trados is installing some files in the same directory as the installation source).
If you already have Trados installed on your computer (under Windows), it is best to directly copy the sxs directory with its content in Wine. If you want to know which one are for Trados, Trados 2007 had been compiled on March 31st, 2007. Most of Trados files have this date.  

Install the following native dlls


When starting the installation, one has to shut down the second Trados installation page because the pop in windows are not disappearing for themselves when selecting an option.
Select custom install and unselect the installation from Java 2 and NET 2 (if the previous installation had been properly registered, you should be able to do it – the installation direct from Trados is not working).
Click install and close the window. Only at this moment the installation starts.

Installation from Trados
Do a normal installation.
After a long list of error messages, it is clear that the folowing .dll are unable to be copied from system 32 to the TT directory:


One had to add them manually from system 32 to / SDL International / T2007 / TT.

Once more from the start installation from Trados with repair - installation is then said to be complete and one can start from the beginning again with this time unchecking the installation from Trados (had been fully registered). After the repair installation, Trados is not further installing the other component so one had to start again with a normal installation.

Same procedure with SDL, installation, add the above dll in the directory / SDL International / T2007 / SDLX, repair install, uncheck and next.

During the installation, one keep seeing the message:
„Error R60434“
„Atl80.dll was not load in an appropriate way“

Note: atl80.dll version on the certificate is an older one than the one on the computer. The atl80.dll is also placed in the sxs directory and it seems at the moment that .dll do not load from there (according to other error messages)

Next comes synergy who should install fine.

Licensing utility is trying to prompt another .exe file for download and this is not working.
It is also encrypted and not able to decrypt.

License manager is crashing on start (freezing the whole linux desktop).

(note: on Crossover, Trados and SDL are being installed but are and only working on the demo mode –the licensing utility doesn’t seem to work in any case.)

When opening Word, the trados Tool bar is there but we are getting messages that the VBA is not recognized (specific numbered error message).
After the installation and registration of Vbscript.dll, there is only one such message instead of 2. Word knows about the macro because it is getting automatically deactivated. Some .dll for VBA seem not to be implemented.

SDL is installing fine, installing an icon on the desktop and another in the start menu of Gnome. The first clicks are sucessful but terminating as soon as one wants to convert a file to work on it.
On the first installation, the demo or sdl is working nicely.
All the time the error R60404 message for many .dll or exe files.

Note about the licensing utility:
It seems very important to find a way that Trados could connect on the Internet.

There are 2 types of licence:
The Nocked license (is registered through the internet, fixing the licence to a specific hardware ID), this is as from Trados 2007 the only one available for the „Trados freelance 2007” version.
Additionaly to the nocked license, the professional edition has a possibility to have a floating license  (a .lic file). This one is created on the SDL website after the payment of the license. One has to enter the serial number of the hard disk or of the Ethernet card. There is then no online activation but Trados has to check at every use that the serial number entered on the .lic file is matching either the serial number of the hard disk or the Ethernet card corresponding to the computer using Trados.


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