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Steam blank login screen

anytime i open steam it comes up blank, i've re-installed and now the login screen comes up in a blank black window aswell.
i'm on an intel macbook air 2020 and my crossover version is 22.0.1


I don't have a solution but can confirm I'm getting the same behavior on an air 2019;

I've tried launching it with
-udpforce -allosarches -cef-force-32bit

That I've seen mentioned elsewhere but no change. Changing the bottle between windows 7 and 10 and installing manually and via crossover Gui with no change as well Also running 22.0.1

Same black blank box instead of login. Fresh Crossover install w. only Steam installed. M1 MacOS 13.3

Same here, blank login screen, running Crossover 22.1.0 on MacOS Ventura 13.3 M2 MBA

Same here, black Steam login screen after upgrading my 2021 M1 MacBook Pro to Ventura.

Have the same problem, in a MacBook Pro m2 pro, since ventura 13.3, it seems to be the MacOS update. GG

Same issue Apple M2 Prom 13.3 (22E25) tried all kind off bottles and settings + dxvx updates.


  • Download / Install into Bottle same folder as Steam (Using Windows 10 64 Bit)
  • Use "login <username> password" command
  • Use app_update <app_id> e.g. 220
  • Use app_run <app_id> e.g. 420 (copy the run parameters e.g. -game hl2 -steam)
  • Create new Shortcut to hl2.exe in Crossover
  • Run & Enjoy:
  • Troubleshoot: Reboot Bottle if doesn't work, also kill hl2*32.xe if it doesn't show after app_run

Can you make a tutorial video?

Currently not, let me know if you get stuck somewhere

I'm new around here. Where do you enter that login command?

Ninjalope wrote:

I'm new around here. Where do you enter that login command?

  • Ok, create a Steam Bottle in crossover (I switched it do Windows 10 64 Bit)
  • Run Steam Once
  • Open the "Steam Bottle" on the right Menu, click "Open C: Drive"
  • Navigate to "Program Files (x86)\Steam"
  • Download and Unzip into that steam folder (steamcmd.exe should be directly in the Steam Folder)
  • Leave the Finder after putting steamcmd.exe in the right place
  • Back Crossover, click "Run Command" -> Navigate to steamcmd.exe again, Click "Save Command as Launcher"
  • Run the newly created steamcmd Application
  • It will show a Terminal window where you can input the "login" command and the other steps mentioned

Same issue here. Just updated M1 Pro MacBook to Ventura 13.3 today and figured that broke something but seeing other with the same issue. Steam sometimes won't even launch at all. Will just pop up in the Dock then disappear. Other times black box will appear with no interactive boxes. (assume it's the login box) Tired restarting Mac, reinstalling steam, reinstalling CrossOver. Nothing :(


FYI works with 22.11

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