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copying steam file's

hi guys,

just wondering can i copy parts of the steam client that i have on a windows OS to this steam client?? just don't want to have to use up my download limit re-installing the games an losing some of the saved files too.


Edit: sorry forgot I'm using 11.04 Ubuntu an want to take the file's from vista both 64bite

I'm assuming you already have Steam installed in Windows, and have several games installed as well.

  1. In Steam on Windows, select Steam > Backup and Restore games.
  2. Select "Backup currently installed games" and choose to backup the one game or several games.
  3. Install Steam on Linux.
  4. In Steam on Linux, select Steam > Backup and Restore games.
  5. Select "Restore a previous backup" and restore the backups you made on the Windows side.

You will of course need to have enough disk space to save the backups, and the backups will need to be saved or moved somewhere your Linux install can access.

Yep. However, different games store their save files in different places. You'll need to find those places.

To copy games from Windows to Crossover:

  1. Start downloading a game in Crossover.
  2. Pause the download.
  3. Copy the appropriate folder from your Windows steamapps folder to your Crossover steamapps folder.
  4. Tell Steam to verify the game files.

Have fun!

Edit: Or do what smaug42 says. That's probably better.

EDIT: My fault, it's nearly the same what bladebot wrote before...


this is maybe NOT the correct way to do things, and it is of course not supported by steam officially. You SHOULD use the correct way with export and import... Use on your own risk.

I had the problem that i have downloaded a bunch of games with steam and didn't want to download the whole stuff again on cxgames/steam. Also i had another installation with plain wine around on my harddrive.

What i did was copying the stuff from <bottlename>/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps*.ncf to the new bottle at the same path. You should stop steam before copying or moving.

If you start steam when the files are there, you can look at your library, there are all the games with download paused. If you start them, they are "downloaded" and ready within seconds. It shouldn't take much time to install.

Maybe you can do the same with the drive_c/Program Files/Steam/userdata folder but i am not sure if that also works.

What bladebot told you about the savegames: some where synced with steam but you should find some application path at <bottle>/drive_c/users/crossover at the "My Documents" and "My Documents/My Games" folder. "My Documents" is a symlink to your home-folder, you should see some game name folders there.

If you copy the files from windows, you should find them on c:\users\<username> at the same folder structure...


well i went with smaug42 and it only took 4 hours to run the backup on vista an its going to take a lot longer to install it into linux lol as it is un-compressing an installing 141Gbs,think its goin to take 24hrs before its all done.

the one thing i did notice was i already moved my documents folder over to the linux documents folder an the steam bottle was using a short cut to the linux documents folder so it would save me from having to move it to the steam bottle my documents folder,which is a cool little thing to do.

thanks again for the help.

I'm not entirely sure, but I think your save files will not be moved with Steam backup/restore.

Each game does things differently. Some save to My Documents, so you should find out if /home/you/ or /home/you/Documents/ is your "My Documents" folder in Linux, and copy the game data to that folder.

Other games save to AppData (or Application Data in XP). The equivalent Linux folder is /home/you/.cxgames/yourSteamBottle/drive_c/users/crossover/Application Data/ or something close to that.

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