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CrossOver Games 9.0.0 Beta Released!

In light of the recent release, we are bringing forward a public beta of CrossOver Games 9.0. You can access this build by going to your 'Unsupported Downloads' tab in your 'My Accounts' section:

This is only a beta, and this release is really only tailored to the new Steam GUI as CrossOver Games 8.1.4 does not support the new Steam GUI. If you are not using CrossOver Games for Steam, this build is not necessary.

If you experience problems with the CrossOver Games 9.0 beta, please open a support ticket or send an email to We will do our best to address any issues you may run into.

We will continue to work on CrossOver Games 9.0 and we plan to have an official release in the not too distant future.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

This is very irritating.

Steam is the only program that works for me out of the dozen or so that I was hoping to play when I purchased crossover.
Furthermore several "supported" "gold" and "silver" titles crash constantly, and give me no end of problems.

Now Steam stops working altogether, and I am encouraged to download the crossover beta, which comes with this disclaimer.

" The following are unsupported builds of CrossOver. We provide these experimental, bleeding edge builds for our adventurous customers. These builds are largely untested, are likely to break, and are also likely to corrupt or break an existing CrossOver installation. Further, we will provide absolutely no support for them.

Install these builds at your own risk! At the very least, you should take pains to install them in a non-production environment, or in a different user account. If you install them over top of a working CrossOver installation, there is a good chance that it will break your existing CrossOver and we will not help you fix it! "

This is the kind of performance I would expect from free software.
As a customer I am very disappointed.

Well, here, let me try to help and address some of the issues.
First, what titles are you experiencing problems with? Any specific names?
What version of Crossover Games are you running?
What error messages come up when the games crash?

To address your comment about free software, Crossover is built off of wine, the open source (and free) windows emulation software for Mac and Linux. The problem with Wine is that it is very difficult for the average end user to use without knowing overly complicated knowledge of how it works. Crossover adds their own fixes to Wine as well as end usability to Wine to allow for the running of games and other windows software.

Now, with each major update to various games, various things that were made to work become broken. As Crossover doesn't require a windows OS install, it also doesn't contain every single API from windows, only those that are needed to work. With the new steam update (and the updates for other games recently) Valve has switched over a lot of their APIs away from DirectX (the windows standard) to OpenGL in anticipation of Valve's announcement of the release of the Mac client. The beta above addresses that. Don't be afraid to download it and try it out. Post your problems back here once you do, and I and other people like me can help you out.

I've been using crossover for a year now, and, while its been rocky, its been fantastic.

I'm testing out beta4 of CrossOver Games 9.0 on Linux.
I've installed Steam from a completely fresh setup with no prior files (Wine however, is installed).
I accept all the licenses and everything appeared to install successfully.

After Steam updates itself:

Fatal error: could not load module 'bin/vgui2.dll'.

This issue has been forwarded to the Official CodeWeavers Ticket System. If you have observed this issue and would like to report it as well, please open a support ticket or send an email to with a description of what you are seeing and a link to this post.

Thank you!
The CodeWeavers Team

Specifically I have had problems with Oblivion, Half Life episode 1&2, Medieval 2, and F.E.A.R, among others.

Team Fortress 2/Counter Strike worked almost perfectly, except for major problems logging onto most servers.
This was OK though, because I was able to find and favorite several servers that worked for me.

Probably the only game that really worked excellently was Portal.

I am running Crossover 8.1.4

I understand that the problem isn't specifically with crossover, and steam has updated their platform making crossover incompatible with it.
However it is not encouraging when the software I am supposed to download for the fix is specifically described as "totally unsupported".

I know that this is just a disclaimer to protect codeweavers.

Even so, it still worries me to download an unsupported version of a program that I paid for.
Will the full version of Crossover 9 be supported for me, even if I download the beta?

Simon wrote:

Will the full version of Crossover 9 be supported for me, even if I
download the beta?

Of course it will be. That disclamer only means there is no support for the beta.
It's not going to prevent you from getting support on the stable versions.

And, in case you need to hear it from a CodeWeavers employee: yes, the final release of 9 will be supported even if you use the beta. In general, your support entitlement covers any new version of the product that's released during your support period.

As noted in the first post in this thread, using the beta is our recommendation for Steam users. And, we are actually asking you to submit support tickets if you encounter problems with Steam or our supported games when using the beta. So, in truth, the beta is quasi-supported.

Lastly, these forums are not an official mechanism for contacting CodeWeavers staff or getting support. These forums are mostly for discussions among our users (and, of course, we encourage our users to help each other). I realize you may have just wanted to express your frustration, and using these forums is fine for that. But, if you want your needs/issues/complaints addressed by staff, submit a support ticket. That's the official channel for obtaining support.

Any assistance with my Steam issue?

Lukian, I have forwarded it to our ticket system. In future, as I just said above, submit issues that require attention to the support ticket system.

Feel free to also ask the community in these forums if they know of a solution, but if nobody does then you'll probably just get no reply.

As a demo user, I don't believe I have a login for the support ticket system.

In that case, you can email to create a ticket.

So I've downloaded and run crossover beta 9.0 on my Imac.

when running on 8.1.4 with the new steam client all the steam windows were invisible.

9.0 beta fixes this problem, and allows me to interact with the steam windows.

I could not run Team Fortress 2 on the beta. It would open a white window, and then flash and close itself.

I was able to run Counter Strike 1.6 which I have been playing.

I think I will fill out a support ticket.

This is a known problem with some games (Source-engine ones, mostly) with beta4 on some Macs. It has to do with a bug in the Mac OS X graphics driver. We had a workaround for 8.x, but it got broken in 9. We have a fix in place. We're very close to release and the fix will be contained in the release.

In the meantime, those games may work if you pass "-dxlevel 81" in their launch options for one run. After one successful run with that option, you can and should remove it.

Once 9 is officially released, you can pass "-dxlevel 95" for one run to reverse this.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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