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Anyone else seeing an issue with CXG-9.0 and emulate a virtual desktop ON?


I did think this was only related to Source titles, but now that CXG-9.0
is out, I've discovered other non-Source games are doing it as well...issue;

with emulate a virtual desktop ON, you get no keyboard input unless you alt-tab
away from the steam/steamapp window, and then alt-tab back to the steam/steamapp
window...then keyboard input works...

Anyone else seeing this on linux?


I'm not sure if this is related, but on OSX with Spaces and a Virtual Desktop ON, I had problems where it would eat the keyboard input if I used the keyboard to switch between desktops. The workaround for was to either use the Spaces at the toolbar OR hold down the modifier key.

If you're seeing the same thing I had reported it under ticket 778466 and originally thought it was Steam as well. Might want to ping Ken Thomases to see if you think they're related.

abeta!! Indeed...I did actually mention Ken in my ticket wrt this as I'm
fairly sure he's seen it too...turning emulate a virtual desktop ON seems
to trigger the affect -- although the Mac sounds like it it handles it's
meta keys in a slightly different way compared to linux, at first glance
it sounds like the same gremlin. I have a contra-effect too...that is, with
emulate a virtual desktop OFF...somehow, the mouse-pointer all of a suddenly
does the sci-fi "Reverse the polarity!!" thing with respect to the steam GUI
overlay, and the mouse-pointer repels the steam GUI...and you end up chasing
the thing all over your desktop as it runs away from the mouse...funny as,
but it might just be my glib/gtk...I'll have to see f I can recreate it on the
deb5 box over there (<---) ...I moved it last night 8)

Thanks for mentioning this...


Hmmmm...I've seen the repels thing a couple of times but I always assumed it was my mouse as I've had similar things in windows :).

No problem, you know where to find me if you want me to check something for you.

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