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Re: Steam not installing during download of update?


Really sorry if this has been addressed, but i sifted through some threads and couldn't find my problem. Basically i got Crossover to install Steam and that was fine, but the problem seems to be while it's trying to download the latest update (though, whether this is during installation i'm not sure). It gets to about %16 or %24 before it just stops. I've even left it running for a few hours only to come back and see the same percentage staring at me.
The reason why i tried this product was to get Steam and play games like STALKER and the original Half-Life, but i can't seem to get Steam to work, and Valve's Mac version is a joke. I know STALKER seems to have a better reliability rating if its used on Steam too...

I tried both the installation file from Steam directly, and the one supplied on Crossover's page regarding Steam (the latter worked a bit better, but not much obviously). Any help would be greatly appreciated. My trial of Crossover's run out, but i would gladly buy the program if Steam can work on it.
Also, what's better to use for Steam? Crossover itself, or the Games version?

Cheers - help would be greatly appreciated. Hope this all made sense.


You would use Crossover Games for running Steam ; when you
do, there's a builtin tagret for installing Steam in the
'Supported Applications' section of the cxinstaller GUI. that
is the best way to go here...


Your update stalled for an hour+ right?It happens to me too, just be patient, and it'll soon solve. If this is not the problem, maybe you could explain better 😉

You could check your connection, direct cable would be much better, and the stalling time should reduce. This happen to me using CrossOver Pro and Game, but if your connection is stable, it'll take lot less time to update.

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