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Can't type in password
Scott Ritchie
Posted 2004-12-25 16:51
The first time I ran steam it worked great, and I could login and get to halflife.

Now, after I've rebooted, when I try to run steam it seems to work, except when I try to type something the text ends up going to the wrong window (whatever window I had open before rather than steam.)  The end result is that I can't enter in my password.

This seems like a trivial thing that broke, and there might be a config option I can set somewhere to fix it.  Ideas?
Tom Wickline
Tom Wickline Atomic Dragon Turbo Chief Senior Advocate
Posted 2005-01-02 11:21

Click on your account name first and then *right* click where
your password goes. You should see a [Paste] box pop up.
click on it and you can now enter your password.

Joshua Stewart
Joshua Stewart
Posted 2005-08-15 21:12
This fix doesn't seem to work for me... I'm running Fedora Core 4, CXOffice 4.2.0.
Josiah Kelsall
Josiah Kelsall
Posted 2006-08-08 06:35
I know this is like a couple years after the post. But for anyone that finds a similar issue like this like I did, I found opening OpenOffice allowed me to type in my username and password on Steam. It's worth a try.

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