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7.1 problems
Posted 2008-08-05 22:33
when ever you click on the warning screen for a  link in an im you get the weird little thing where over the regular window there is 1/4 of the mac bar (the part witht red/yellow/green buttons) you cant clcik on acceept link but you can cancel, (and copy and paste the link, thankfuly) but it's rediculous.

ohh. im just getting started. ok. in 7.0 ims wouldnt pick up. ( ones sent to me) without me clicking the steam icon in the mac window. they would pop upin 7.0. but never on their own. now in 7.1 what seems to happen is when someone sends me a msg it comes up in the top left and quikly ghosts (i mean ghost) to the minimization bar and is invisible. i run the mouse over it and it shows theres a "window" and if clicked the "im" comes up fine. half the time in 7.1 i will crash if someone sends me an im while im in game. which really SUCKS.

i hoped the new update would correct the steam client/cs:s problems ur "shouldve been/ wait, still should be beta" prograam solved for mac gamers. : /angryrant :

edit: the gamma ray feature rules.sorry i forgot to tel you abou the 10 minutes i enjoyed of it before my friends started IMing me in the middle of the game and 7.1 crashed.

Simon Brennan
Posted 2008-08-06 05:00
You might want to post your version of MacOS, hardware specs etc.
I've seen a couple reports of problems with Tiger and Crossover Games 7.1.

To my knowledge the In-Game steam community stuff isn't supported on any version of Crossover Games yet. The Codeweaver staff normally recommend people disable it.
Feel free to prove me wrong.

Your post just seems to be a general flame I must admit.

Posted 2008-08-06 09:19
o. ok. thx for....n/m

anyway. in the CS:S forums i have my hardware specs

20" imac 2.4 duo core, 2 gb ram, 2600hdpro radeon.
Stefan Dösinger
Stefan Dösinger  Staff Member
Posted 2008-08-06 09:41
I am aware of a few window management regressions in 7.1, and TF2 crashes on Macs with radeon cards running Tiger. I am finally investigating those after I've been held up a bit by implementing overlay support for video playback for a different project. I'm sorry for the delay.

Posted 2008-08-06 12:05
thanks for the reply

lol. sorry for my angry rant but i had just installed and started playing a tournament game when the crashes happened. i quickly jumped on my pc to finish the game, but i wanted to give it a good first run. :(  (also it just perplexed me that a retail product wasnt tested enough to catch that.) i like the product! i can still use 7.0 till all thats sorted. it looks like you tried to fix the incoming initiated IM's not showing problem, but it's worse now.

and yes i unchecked almost all the boxes that play sounds and display those little annoying notifications and "steam in-game".

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