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Steam download guide and steamwebhelper solution
Kenneth Yu
Posted 2016-06-22 14:14
originally when i installed steam and updated it, the steamwebhelper.exe would always crash. The reason is due to the html rendering engine, since the web helper copies elements from the bottle's web browser.

For the steam web helper solution:

1. Install steam from application database.
2. Install all the dependencies.
3. Update steam.
4. Install Crossover HTML Engine(NOT THE IE 8 MODE) into "Steam" Bottle.

For most games(will come with game installer from application list):
1. Install directx 9 for modern games into "steam" bottle.
2. Install directx 9 for pre xp games into "steam" bottle.
3. Install directx9 end user runtime web installer into "steam" bottle.

Only needed if game isn't in application list:
4. Install wine mono for .net framework replacement into "steam" bottle. Otherwise, install .net frameworks
5. Install each microsoft visual c++ redistrubutable into "steam" bottle.

Irina Postnikova
Posted 2016-06-29 05:08
I am sorry - I am noob
But could you please explain the process in more details 😥 ?
I would like to play games from steam not adopted for mac
Thank you in advance
Kenneth Yu
Posted 2016-07-27 08:13
Download each into the "steam" bottle.

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