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is xbox360 controller supported
Will the xbox 360 controller work properly with skyrim under crossover?
for anyone wondering, as it turns out, it does not work. I have filed a ticket
After the investigation from support it turns out that controller is not supported at all in skyrim.
Crossover supports dinput for controller interaction, while Skyrim does not and is probably using xinput.
It would also help if you told us what OS you are using.
I am using Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit
The problem as far as i understand is that crossover's wine  does not implement support for xinput.
Seems to be the case. Tried it myself and did not work for me either.
Crossover now supports xinput but Skyrim using dinput. You can use to setup an emulation layer between them. I am currently playing Skyrim in Linux with a xbox 360 controller. My Linux driver is xboxdrv with the trigger buttons set to button mode instead of axis mode, and you have to play around with the config file.

A portion of my x360ce.ini:

Index=0                   #controller index in system game controllers list; 0 is first; -1 to ignore this pad
Native=0                  #experimental native mode, calls system xinput1_3.dll to support xinput compatible controller together with emulated
VID=0x046D                #controller VID
PID=0xC216                #controller PID
Left Trigger=7
Right Trigger=8
D-pad POV=1
D-pad Down=DOWN
D-pad Left=LEFT
D-pad Right=RIGHT
D-pad Up=UP
Left Shoulder=5
Left Analog X AntiDeadZone=0
Left Analog Y AntiDeadZone=0
Left Analog X=1
Left Analog Y=-2
Left Thumb=12
Left Analog X DeadZone=0
Left Analog Y DeadZone=0
Left Analog Y- Button=0
Left Analog X- Button=0
Left Analog X+ Button=0
Left Analog Y+ Button=0
Right Shoulder=6
Right Analog X AntiDeadZone=0
Right Analog Y AntiDeadZone=0
Right Analog X=4
Right Analog Y=-5
Right Thumb=13
Right Analog X DeadZone=0
Right Analog Y DeadZone=0
Right Analog Y- Button=0
Right Analog X- Button=0
Right Analog X+ Button=0
Right Analog Y+ Button=0

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