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@Codeweavers: Bronze ranking, why?
Sup guys,

I have been testing Skyrim for a bunch of hours/days and I can't seem to find anything wrong with it. Okay, there was something preventing it from launching the first time around, most likely the .NET 3.5 SP1 bug, but it works just fine now. Setting everything to high + 4xAA and 4xAF, the game runs at 60 fps and above most of the time. It looks great and there are no visual glitches to be seen - no crashes so far either. Edit: Kk, the only issue I am experiencing after an entire night of gaming is that the game/bottle will hang when exiting the game to "the desktop". But that's an issue that can be dealt with easily by force quitting the bottle.

- Ubuntu 14.04.1 64-bit
- Phenom II X4 945 @3 Ghz
- 8 GB RAM
- Nvidia Geforce 650 TI OC with proprietary driver 331.113

Out of curiosity: Looking over at WineHQ, most rankings are gold and above too. So what I'd like to know is what exactly is "wrong" with the game and why did it get an official bronze medal (Linux) from you guys @Codeweavers?


It's an overall ranking for the game. On some of the hardware we tested on, the game did not perform well. I looked through the existing bugs and this is what I see:

1. A crash on launch (mileage may very), not improved with setting changes
2. Mouselook issues (Mac)
3. Installation issues (specific to titles with multiple installation methods, in this case, Steam)
4. Sound problems
5. Jerky mouse (Linux)
6. Windowed mode issues (Mac)
7. Crash when running Ultra or High (Mac), alleviated by lowering settings
8. Missing cloud textures (Linux)
9. Window click-through problems (Mac)
10. Awkward movement occurs after hitting the CAPS LOCK key (Linux)
11. Water rendering issues (Linux)
12. Does not exit cleanly

Ranking a game as "Silver" or "Gold" for me means that it's got to work well enough that at least the hardware I have doesn't have glaring issues (we cover AMD, Intel and Nvidia; Linux and Mac). It has to play to a decent standard for all of our Ninjas and has to be something we feel like we're able to give ongoing support for (some applications update so quickly that providing support for them is nearly impoosible... iTunes is one such example).

Skyrim plays well on some hardware and driver combinations in the Linux world but on others it has a less than pleasant experience. If we rated Skyrim gold or silver and then one of those less favorable combinations came around, it would be very misleading. Skyrim has a rank of bronze because we believe we can reasonable work on it and troubleshoot most problems users will experience... but giving it a Silver or Gold at this time is not in the cards.
Sup Caron,

that is exactly what I was looking for! *thumbsup* Thanks for taking the time to explain in such detail. You left nothing out and now its really much easier to understand. It's always nice to see which bugs or issues are holding back an app rating.


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