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TMG7.04 in Beta crossover_20120714-1_i386.deb - USELESS
Posted 2012-07-16 08:12
TMG7.04 installs in
This was installed using the C4P noted as "The Master Genealogist 8", by changing the downloaded application to tmg7setup.exe. TMG8 will not install because of issues with the installer, noted elsewhere.

However, the problem of no fonts showing which has been noted before with wine is still there and renders this install useless. Look at older posts to see the 9.xx version which works, If TMG704 was installed and working prior to the upgrade of CX it still continues to show the fonts correctly after upgrade.

The problem of TMG7.04 showing no fonts after installation has been resolved in wine now and it will install correctly in wine 1.5.8. See
Posted 2012-12-09 14:52
The same missing fonts problem exactly exists in install-crossover-12.0.0rc4.bin.

The TMGv8 will still not install due to the installer crashing as noted before.

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