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TMG7.04 in CrossOver 12.2.2 - Installs and runs well in Linux Mint13 Kernel 3.2.0-25-generic-pae
Posted 2013-07-27 16:29
TMG7.04 installs in CrossOver 12.2.2 with the fonts all showing as they should - that problem has been solved/
This was installed using the CrossTie noted as "The Master Genealogist 7". This will install the UK version tmg7uksetup.exe but you can select another installer file such as the US one which iw tmg7setup.ext.

Install TMG704 as above. Initially you will see no fonts but then click Install Software and add "Windows OLE components" from Service Packs & Upgrades after that the fonts will appear when you restart TMG.

An error message "Cannot run Unicode version of ATL.DLL on Windows 95. Please install correct version" appeared but I continued and it seemed to have no effect as I was running TMG704 in WinXP bottle.  Also some error messages about Internet Explorer 7 installation appear but keep going, they seem to have no effect.

When you run TMG for the first time, you may like to create a log file (under Debug). If the program does not run properly look for lines beginning "err" to get an idea what is wrong.

As far as I could see TMG7 was working as expected.

I've worked out how to install TMG8 in Crossover see the latest post:;forum=1;msg=150410


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