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TMG6 Works in CX5!
John Layt
John Layt
Posted 2005-10-31 04:58
To quote from my e-mail to the support list:

TMG works 99%.  That's right, besides a few stray error messages at start-up
that can be ignored, and a couple of minor spots in the GUI where the font
size is a couple of points too big but still OK, 'It Just Works' (TM Jeremy
White 😊  In the same category are the support apps SecondSite, On This Day,
Mokabi, TMGUtility and GedStarPro.  GenSmarts also 'Just Works' but with one
issue which I'll detail below.

Of course, there's extensive testing to be done before trusting it with my own
data, but it's all there and working.

Here's a brief summary of steps I followed to get everything working.  I'll
post a more detailed how-to later after I resolve the GenSmarts problem.  
Note some of these steps will be redundant if you just want TMG and not the
support apps, I'll have to experiment to determine the exact dependencies

Assuming a clean start, with everything installing into the same win98 bottle:

1) Install DCOM95 from the CX Supported Apps menu, this creates a new win98
bottle that everything will subsequently install into, for unsupported
programs you will have to explicitally select to install into the same

2) Install IE6 from the CX Supported Apps menu

3) Install Windows Installer 2.0 from the CX Supported Apps menu, you need to
select the 'Show all Service Packs and Dependencies' button for this to
appear in the list

4) Download from Microsoft the MSXML installer, this is an msi file, install
this from the command line with:
  cd ~/.cxoffice/win98/drive_c/Windows/System/
  /opt/cxoffice/bin/wine msiexec.exe /i /path/to/fle/msxml.msi
That /i is important!

5) Download from Microsoft and install MDAC 2.5.3, you MUST install this
version for the VFP ODBC driver to be installed

6) Download and install as unsupported MDAC 2.6 (possibly unnecessary but no

7) Download from Microsoft and install as unsupported MS Scripting 5.6 for

8) Finally download and install as unsupported TMG v6

9) Run TMG from the menu or desktop (if missing, log out of KDE and back in
again, they should then appear).  When running TMG, the following errors
appear during start-up, simply click on the ignore button and everything runs
fine after that:
  Cannot load 32-bit DLL user32
  Cannot load 32-bit DLL kernel32
  File 'gettemppath.prg' does not exist
  Cannot load 32-bit DLL SHELL32.dll

10) Download and install as unsupported SecondSite, runs without any problems

11) Downloand and install as unsupported OTD/Mokabi, runs without any problems
except a visual glitch in the attributes list.

12) Download and install as unsupported TMGUtility, runs ok but does not yet
support the latest version of TMG so not really tested yet

13) Download and install as unsupported Palm Desktop, this must be installed
before the GedStarPro installer will let you install GedStarPro.  After the
Palm installer completes, you need to go to the KDE desktop tray and kill off
the Palm HotSync thingy before CX will detect that the install has completed.  
Palm Desktop itself does not run, nor is it really needed.

14) Download and install as unsupported GedStarPro, runs without any problem.  
Just use KPilot or JPilot to sync the files with your Palm

15) GenSmarts is a bit of a problem.  Installing it in the win98 bottle is
fine, but on running it you get to do the online update then register it,
after which it promptly falls over.  However it does work OK in a win2000
bottle. So:

Download and install as unsupported GenSmarts, making sure that you choose to
install into a new win2000 bottle instead of the win98 bottle.  Runs without
any problems if you choose to import a Gedcom file.  Default configuration is
to use some IE trickery in linking to certain websites which doesn't work
with real browsers, changing the programs settings to use 'default browser'
option instead of the 'IE SmartLink/SmartSearch' option fixes this
(installing IE6 is broken in win2000 bottles at the moment so that's not an
option for now).

The big issue with GenSmarts is that you cannot directly access the TMG
database.  If you try, it claims not to be able to find the required drivers
and provides a link for the required MDAC 2.5 download.  However, the MDAC
2.5.3 installer complains that because you have Win2000 you already have MDAC
2.5 installed, so it quits.  Installing MDAC 2.6 is not enough, as it doesn;t
include the VFP ODBC driver which 2.5 does.  You can download the driver
separately, but again the installer complains that it already exists.  

Catch-22 anyone?  

I'll try to debug why it crashes in Win98, and post separately about the MDAC
issue.  In the meantime you can use it by exporting the database to Gedcom
first, but this is a lossy method and defeats the purpose of integration.

Do I say brief summary????

I have tried installing TMG into a win2000 bottle but you get swarms of OLE
errors and a scrambled GUI.  The OLE errors are of the nature:
  OLE error code 0x80020006: Unknown COM status code
followed by the name of the gui form/component it's trying to draw.  Perhaps
when the IE6 win2000 install works properly this might work better.  

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