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TMG (The Master Genealogist) & SecondSite work in CrossOver6
Posted 2007-01-06 04:47
Installing TMG under CrossOver install-crossover-standard-demo-6.0.0rc2
Linux  Ubuntu 6.10 - the Edgy Eft - released in October 2006.

Using CrossOver installed in my home directory /home/ian.
1. Install DCOM98 in Win98 bottle: give it a name like "TMG-SecondSite-1"
2. Install IE6: Typical install. (Outlook etc is almost certainly not required.)
3. Install The Master Genealogist (I used v6.07) as Unsupported software in bottle "TMG-SecondSite-1"
...I used options below:
......1. Install for Me only
..... 2. No backup of changed installation files
..... 3. No help, spell check, Timelines. (It is probably OK to install these, but help won't work.)
......4. After install: Cancel reboot. This happen anyway & seems to cause problems.
Run TMG from CrossOver>Configuration>Manage Bottles (TMG-SecondSite-1)>Menus>TMG program

It seems to work faultlessly with Visual Chartform working OK. I have used it on with about 400 persons in the family tree.
There seem to be problems with the automatic update, but this can be overcome by downloading the full version of the updated program and reinstalling.

To install SecondSite to this bottle:

4. Install Windows Installer 2.0 Redistributable. (Show all services etc needed to see.)
     This is needed to install the .msi file which follow.
5. Download  msxml.msi from Microsoft and store in home directory (~)
6. Install msxml.msi with the run command below:
    Go to: CrossOver>Configuration>Manage Bottles (TMG-SecondSite-1)>Configure>Control Panel>Run
       "msiexec.exe /i ~/msxml.msi"
       The above (without quotes)runs the installer using msxml.msi and tell it is in directory ~. (You could put somewhere else, but this is simple.
7 Install SecondSite v1.9 build 9 as Unsupported Software.
NB. SecondSite will install & run without steps 4, 5 & 6 but you will get a message telling you how to download msxml.msi. Then you can follow these steps to install it.

When you browse your site with IE6 from SecondSite the text is not rendered properly, but you can overcome this by installing Firefox browser in the bottle and run it, making it the default browser.
Does anyone know why IE6 does not work?

Many thanks to John Layt for his post which gave me the clue as to how to do this.

Best wishes, Ian
Posted 2007-01-13 11:38
A further note to bring you up to date with my current great experience with TMG6.12 and CrossOver. (Sorry about blank post.)

TMG-CrossOver-Wha tWorks basically everything with one exception so far:

The Backup & Restore .sqz files seems to work faultlessly. This is an important way of keeping backups in case something does go wrong and is an easy way to syncronise between Linux & WinXP disks.
TMG: What does not work: one small thing:

Drop Down Menus: Up & Down Arrow malfunction causes hang.
Filter the Project Explorer
Drop down menu from Field, if navigated with down arrow the list runs to the bottom out of control and TMG hangs. Can be closed & restarted without much/any data loss.
The up & down arrows are OK if the drop down menu is not opened. Scroll bars work fine in drop down menu.

The same applies to the drop down menu New Project>Default Country> . Probably others too.

This is a problem which is manageable: just don't use the up/down arrows in these situations.

To link to a hard disk d:
The command in user directory
ln -s /media/WinXP "~/.cxoffice/TMG612-SecondSite/dosdevices/d:"
in Ubuntu Edgy has to be run from the directory ~/.cxoffice/TMG612-SecondSite/dosdevices
as  ln -s /media/WinXP "d:"

Accessing Exhibits and editing .jpg files seemed to work as expected. My previous images were kept in "C:\Documents and Settings\Ian\My Documents\MyFamilyTree\". I put a link to "/media/WinXP/Documents and Settings\Ian\My Documents\MyFamilyTree\" in the TMG bottle "/home/ian/.cxoffice/TMG612-SecondSite/drive_c/documents and settings/ian/my documents/" directory renaming it "myfamilytree". TMG accessed this fine. I use ntfs-3g to get r/w access to WinXP ntfs disk.
It all works so well, DW8 & SecondSite too, that I'll be going over to not using WinXP disk at all soon.

Posted 2007-01-13 13:41
Visual Chart Form to screen looks fine and all the graphical functions appear to work OK. I've not investigated printing yet because most of what I do is for the web.
Posted 2007-03-12 11:29
Since I wrote the above I've more experience of using TMP. Almost everything works fine. BUT, the problem with the dropdown menu in various places leads to system freezes. For the meantime I have gone back to using TMG with Win4LinPro v4.0. Perhaps when Crossover 6.1 comes out things will be improved.
There have been no problems with corruption of project files or of any data, just the occasional system freeze. Generally information is written to disk as soon as tag editing is complete and I have lost no data.
Posted 2007-05-16 07:15
Good News. I've just installed Crossover v6.1 on Ubuntu 6.06 running on Acer Travelmat 3004 laptop. The problem with the dropdown menus in The Master Genealogist (TMG) which I mentioned above has gone.
It looks as though TMG will be useable under this version of Crossover.
Has anyone any more experience of this?
Posted 2007-05-18 16:32
Small update:
SecondSite & TMG Utility seem to work faultlessly.
GenSmart installs but comes up with an error #1 when called from TMG.

I have noticed that on occasions when I start TMG a note comes up to say that Foxpro temp files cannot be created. Do not press OK. Just restart and TMG and it seems to be fine. So far TMG seems to be working as expected with a database of 400 names and lots of exhibits which are held on an NTFS partition: actually in a file "My Documents" on the WinXP system disk.They are not within the C: disk on the Crossover bottle and it seems to work fine.
Posted 2007-05-30 17:46
TMG running under Ubuntu Linux 6.06

For some time now I have been running The Master Genealogist(TMG) v6.12 using various types of emulation. The latest news is that it runs best and perfectly, as far as I have been able to accertain so far, under Crossover 6.1. There was a real problem with Crossover 6.0 with menus running off the screen and hanging which I referred to in an earlier post. That seems to have been completely solved.

You will see below a rather cryptic description of what I think is a crucial test which it seems to pass.

The bottle into which TMG was loaded has these features:
Crossover Setup: Win98 bottle - following loaded
Win OLE Compnents & part 2, DCOM98, Win Installer 2.0 Redistributable
msls31, MFC liraries for Axtive X, MS Express 6
IE6 SP1 & tools, Media Player 6.4, Firefox 1.5
MSXML 4.0 SP2 Parser & SDK, Second Site
TMG (for ian), TMG Utility

How these programs are loaded was explained by John Layt (thanks for that) at:

Configuration>Control Panel>winecfg>Desktop Integration: My Documents = /home/ian/MyDocuments (This is a link to "/media/WinXP/Documents and Settings/Ian/My Documents" in my case.)

The real test for me is in TMG File>Maintenance>Validate File Integrity>Search For Missing Exhibits>Specify Folders to Search

To do test this I did the following:
Run the check initally and note the number of exhibits not found. It should be a low number, possibly 0.
Try changing the name of one subfolder, say from /My Documents/FamilyTree/Marriage to MMarriage, or /My Documents/FamilyTree to xFamilyTree. Run the check and yyy files will not be found.
Then Specify Folder My Documents\MMarriage (or /My Documents/xFamilyTree) as a folder to check . Run and a message will appear: "Corrected the path for yyy exhibits."
Check that exhibit files have been found and their paths correctly assigned and they can be accessed from the Exhibit Log.

Crossover v6.1 & TMG
Note: At startup of TMG there is an error message: "Vistual FoxPro cannot start. Cannot create program temp workspace files. Press F1 for help <OK>"
Press OK and restart the programme, the error does not recur. It appears the first time TMG is run in a session.

Performing the above test on exhibits: All the exhibit files were found even when a new folder was specified to search. Path were changed correctly and all exhibits seemed to be accessible. (This was on a r/w NTFS partition using ntfs-3g.)

TMG Preferences for Files>Preferences>Project>Advanced
Exhibit folder: c:\windows\profiles\crossover\My Documents\FamilyTree\    
Backups: c:\windows\profiles\crossover\My Documents\FamilyTree\TheMasterGenealogistBackups\

Preferences>General   (TMG only seems to work with this set to default entry as below.)
Default project path: C:\PROGRAM FILES\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST\Projects\

The bottom line seems to be that Crossover 6.1 runs TMG with a score 5 out of 6. Everything that I have tested and use for a family tree of 400 people works. But I'll keep posting my disoveries.

Latest news 1 June 07:
In TMG Contextual help appears to work.
Visual Chart Form all works with CUPS printer (Sanyo ML-4600 using lj5grey driver with 300dpi greyscale. Help does not work and produces error which goes on pressing <OK> sometimes several times is needed.

For information neither Win4LinPro v4.0 nor ParallelsWorkstation v2 was able to perfom the exhibit file finding. It is something to to with TMG or VisualFoxPro not being able to search for //HOST: or other network files. Wine seems to have overcome this problem completely.

I hope this is of help.
Posted 2007-08-10 13:29
John Cardinal has produced a new version of the excellent Second Site v2.
This requires MSXML6 which will install on a WinXP bottle, but not on Win98. TMG will not install on WinXP. I have installed MSXML6 and SecondSite2 on a new WinXP bottle, but SecondSite refuses to run.
I have tried using the Win98 bottle with TMG installed and using winecfg to tell it to install MSXML6 as WinXP. MSXML6 will not install.
Has anyone any ideas how to resolve this.
I have been in touch with John and he is helping to see if this can be worked out.
We have found that Second Site v2 will run under wine with the following configuration with installation in this order:
Copy files required for installation to ~/.wine'drive_c these are WinInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe & SeconSite2Installer.exe.
set winecfg as follows:
 Default: Win98
 WinInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe - WinXP
 SecondSite2 installer - WinXP
cd ~/.wine
wine WinInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe
wine msiexec.exe /i msxml6.msi
wine SecondSite2Installer.exe

However, TMG will not run in the above setup and SecondSite2 will not run in Crossover6.1.

I run TMG in a crossover Win98 bottle, then use wine SecondSite2 installation to access the TMG project file from crossover/TMG. Not ideal but it works, the next version of Crossover may solve this problem.

Posted 2007-08-15 05:33
I have worked out how to use TMG and Second Site version 2. Basically put TMG in a Win98 bottle, put SS2 in a Win2000 bottle with a symbolic link to the TMG project file in TMG Win98 bottle.  See my instructions at - follow alternative link.
I have not succeeded in getting GenSmarts to work in a Win2000 bottle. Version 1 installs, but when run a message like "GenSmarts.exe already running" comes up. The trial version 2 installs and when run the "Gen Smarts loading..." splash screen appears then the message "GS03- GSEngine already running."
Posted 2007-08-24 16:51
Second Site v2 does now run perfectly in wine 0.9.43 but not in Crossover 6.1 as far as I can see. Instructions here:
Posted 2007-09-25 17:25
With suggestions from John Cardinal, I now have TMG, SecondSite v2, TMGUtility and GenSmarts v2 all running under Ubuntu Feisty Linux.
John suggested putting all the TMG project files and exhibit files on a separate disk. This is done by using winecfg in Crossover to create a disk, say s:, which is a symbolic link to the location of the directory which has as its sub directories the TMG project and exhibit directories. I have explained the whole process on my web page:
I would value feedback on these instructions. They are modified from the original ones which were on this page & hopefully simplified.
My earlier comment regarding SecondSite v2, wine & Crossover, is, I think in error. It runs in Crossover 6.1 in a WinXP bottle but not in wine, as far as I can see. All explained on the link above.
Posted 2007-10-30 11:55
TMG, SecondSite1 & 2, GenSmarts v2 all appear to operate fine with CrossOver6.2. There are no noticeable differences that I can see at the moment.

The only reason that I rate this 4 rather than 5 is that it is quite difficult to set up TMG to run in Crossover. You have to follow the instructions given above in precise detail. (Many thanks to John Layt). As an aside, I have TMG running in qemu with WinXP: it is slower but perhaps easier to set up. If you are interested see my website follow the Linux link.

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