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The Master Genealogist v7.04 with crossover-pro_8.0.0-1_i386 - host Ubunutu 904
Posted 2009-07-07 11:58
Most of TMG 7.04 works as it does with crossover v7.

Install as found here:;forum=1;msg=28168
and extra comments can be found here:

Here is a provisional list of what does and does not seem to work.
What works

*Installer  / Un-Installer ( NB requires to be run as Win98 - see links above)
*Main Program
*VCF (Visual Chart Form)
*VFI (Verify File Integrity)

What does not

*Help hangs the program and a reboot will not reset this. You have to force a quit under linux. This is different from the latest version of wine which according to winhq: "freezes but does not stop the main tmg program as in past versions of wine."
*inbuilt pdf driver  (use linux one instead.)
* Windows Charactor Map (CHARMAP.EXE) (not found - need copy from windows if you have a legal copy)
*Upgrade manager  - seems to have issues. (What works is to download the latest trial version from site and reinstall then unlock with your serial number.)

SecondSite 3 also works with the above TMG. This was tested on 16 Nov 2009.

SS3007.exe in Crossover office v8.0.0

SS3 installs fine. When I run it I first get the registration screen and I say continue unregistered. Then this error comes up: Run time error 339: Component vbalTreeView.ocx or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

I downloaded a zip of the vbalTreeView6.ocx file from Unzip this and instructions about where to put it in different windows versions are in ReadMe.txt file. I am emulating WinXP so I copied it to .../windows/system32.

After that SS3 worked perfectly. I am sure that this will work in wine, although crossover is usually a bit easier to set up. I'll check it out.

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