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Only a black screen
A previous post from 2009 is locked, so I'm forced to make a new one.  Sorry about that.

I'm running Crossover on my Macbook Pro.  When I try to boot up Tropico 2: Pirates Cove (bought from Good Old Games) I can hear the music playing and I can see a cursor when it obviously hits the menu screen.  But there is no display, only a black screen.  The 2009 post had the same problem and the staff never seemed to get around to what was wrong.  Is there a possibility that we've figured it out two years later?  Thanks!

 ...-please- include your OS version, Crossover version and
video card/chipset particulars in forums posts when looking
for help ...

..have you edited the game .ini file as per the tip&trick here?...

intel core 2 duo, OS version 10.5.8.  the vcard is a Geforce 8600 GT. i'm using the trial version of crossover.  and no, I haven't edited the .ini file; I don't know what that is, sorry
Hi again...

...understand that I don't own this game, but I probably
help you with it -- apparently, the game runs awfully if
the game config is set to use the hardware rendering routine,
and so you need to set it to use the software renderer instead.
From what I've read around the tomes, this option is actually
available via the game's options menu, but obviously you aren't
seeing that much... (which I suspect is another issue)...

...the first thing I would try, is to enable the emulated virtual
desktop feature -- you can do that quickly from the following page ;

...just click on the 'install via crosstie' button, load it into
crossover, and make sure you select the bottle you have Tropico
installed into. Once done, restart the game - it should appear in
a window on your desktop --- does this enable you to see the menu?


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