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First time DJing with my program under Linux...
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson
Posted 2015-07-12 18:28
Last night (7/11/2015) I DJ'd a party for 10 hours using Virtual DJ Studio on an Ubuntu laptop. Not one single glitch, everything just works. For fun here is a link to some pics, hopefully they are visible to everyone...

Facebook Pics of my first gig using only Ubuntu Linux, Crossover and Virtual DJ Studio
Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson
Posted 2015-07-23 12:33
Just an FYI I did another party on 7/18/2015 and once again, not one glitch running my software under Ubuntu via Crossover. I have a wedding this weekend and I'm fully confident the program and Crossover will work without a problem.

Finally I get an indoor gig - last two we got rained out pretty heavily, had to put garbage bags over my speakers. Still had fun though, but a nice air-conditioned hall will be nice for a change :)

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