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9.15 patch Battle load screen Freeze and Battle Exit Freeze


  1. The game hangs (freezes) up at the initial Battle Loading Screen (prior to the countdown) at about 90% on the bar. I have to force quit back to desktop and relaunch. It has continued to do so intermittently. After running 20 battles this has happened 4 times.

  2. The game intermittently hangs (freezes) at battle completion or upon exit game to garage. After running 20 battles this has happened 7 times.

NA Server


I have the exact same problem on WoT EU. Deleted WoT and all related files in library. Re-installed everything again and it still does not work. Game freezes at 90% loading screen. I don't even get as far as the login screen.

OS X 10.10.5

I also have the stall on loading at around 90%.
This is with a complete fresh install in 10.10.5 on EU.

I got as far as "updating the garage" severel times to day on the EU server 😥

any news?

For those experiencing the freeze after login at "Updating the Garage..." just wait until the server times out (a few minutes). Then connect again.

I have not (yet) experienced the freezes when entering/exiting battle. I have only had time to do one training room which was fine.

I have experienced a freeze when going into Emblems. The client now has a 'crash reporter,' so I suggest ALL Mac users of WoT spam WG with backtrace reports. Also, tell them that you will limit purchases when they announce an update.

Except this thread has nothing to do with the garage. This is on entering battle - a wholly different issue.

I will add myself to the list of those affected. Going from Garage to Battle. Team list screen goes grayscale 90% of the way through loading in to a battle. Only exit is force quit. I've tried starting in both safe mode, with "Reset graphic settings", and maximum graphics, all with no change in results. This happens constantly for me, though. I cannot play at all.
Only WoT seems to be affected. (WoWS seems to be running better than ever.)

I stopped playing world of tanks for a few months, started playing again with no problems yesterday, but when I try to join a battle it freezes on 90%, I can't even quit the game...

Add me to the list of people that can't play. At all. I've tried everything, Mods, no Mods, reboots, waiting. What good is waiting for the server to time out anyway. You'll be dead or reported inactive.
Is this being fixed or has everyone thrown up their hands and walked away?

I've had the same problem occasionally with the freeze at the beginning of the battle and never being able to enter the game. I've solved this by changing wine versions. I'm using PlayOnLinux now. I was trying to see if it was better on Crossover (which I have), but apparently not. For no particular reason I have Wine versions 1.7.22, 1.7.49,1.9.7,1.9.10 (staging), and 1.9.11(staging) installed. When this happens normally i have best results with 1.7.22, but I have gotten it to run at various times on all of them, and usually try 1.9.10(staging) first if possible. I just do my first game with a low tier tank that I don't care about a loss on lately to test this. I've been away from WOT for at least six months, maybe longer, so I've been seeing this just the past week or so that I've been playing again. So far, when I get it to work with one of those versions, I'm fine for the rest of the session, only one time has it happened after the first game. Hope this helps someone.

I've had a similar problem with the loading of the client, which hangs or CTD's just before the screen with your email address and password. Switching around eventually helps that too, along with a reboot here and there. It all seems strange, it seems like it should work or not, but this is better than not.

I may be a little late to the party, but I'm getting the same problem now. I downloaded WoT yesterday after about a year now of not playing and it worked perfectly, and I played about all of the tanks in my garage at least once (and I have quite a few). But now, one day later, in almost every battle it's stopped loading in and freezes at about 90%. I'm more curious about why this two month old problem only surfaced for me a day after I was playing flawlessly.

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