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WoT 9.15 - Whitescreen after command+tab to other apps.

I am on a 2013 MacBook Air, and WoT usually runs fine. I didn't have any crashes with the recent patch, but when I am playing in full screen and command+tab out to another window/desktop, and then try and go back to the game, the game has gone to a white screen. Other people where reporting this same issue on the Official NA WoT forums.

Any fixes?


I having the same issue on a 2016 Mac Book Pro. Other issues include not being able to hit esc button to exit game, tab doesn't work to reveal players in game, and i still get the black bands so i have to play with graphics set to standard. Guys is there any hope for this game being played on mac? any fixes please send my way. i love this game and don't want to give it up.

oh! and now It's freezing on the load screen. arrrrrg.

Hi all!!!

  1. Downloaded the new client, the MAC version of WOT on the links below:
  2. Run the file you downloaded from the link above
  3. Install as you normally install programs on a MAC replacement!!!
  4. After the first run will answer some questions of system security and network security
  5. Play and enjoy!!!

Note: CMD+TAB does not work possible again, and also don't forget to allow installation from ANY SOURCE (Settings - Protection and security - Basic - Allow use of programs downloaded from ANY SOURCE)

REMEMBER: repeated problems with running the game can be caused by improper Mod!!!

If you do not understand what is written above, just waiting for the client to be updated, but this should happen soon)))


P.S. translate by

I'm a server registered in the EU. This may not good?
I'm interested in a solution, because it is impossible to use TS3!

I got the same problem, but I'm playing on Asia server. Does anyone have another idea of how to fix it, or at least how to make one like that but for Asia server?

Please help me, thanks!!

No change in the white screen problems, cmd-tab out of the game
and back results in white screen every time.

I can confirm that even with the "release" 1.0.30 wrapper the white-screen problem when cmd-tab'ing out of the gaming (or clicking on Premium Shop, World Map!) persists...
Please fix this, I already lost a few battles when accidentally switching to desktop (there must be a weird mouse combo that I sometimes hit doing this).

The Whitescreen you see is only that the App are minimized to the Dock bar, just cmd+tab to World of Tanks at it will maximize again 😊

Unfortunately this is not true: the white screen I described appears when Cmb-Tab'ing back to the game, not when Cmd-Tab'ing out of it.

Particular problem (clanwars) when you need to switch between TS3 and WoT windows!
Every time I get a white screen and to do forced shutdown WoT.
Window mode is not supported by the gamma value and if it is slower than it would be in the game.

Sorry google translate!

yes this is super annoying. It was great to be able to swap to another screen or app to do something whilst you waited for the countdown. Really frustrating I have to force quit and go back in again.
I have even upgraded from Mavericks to El Capitan to see if it was a graphic driver issue and it makes no difference.
What is weird is now when I am playing I have lines shooting out from my tracks into the air!

Do you have any indication if/when this is going to be fixed?
Its not just inconvenient as in "it was nice to be able to switch while waiting" but certain functions of the game are not usable (i.e. premium shop, world map), so this is a real show stopper.

If WG is reading this: I will not extend my premium subscription until this is solved.

I ALT+TAB out of the game, then I have to right click on the WoT icon on the Dock --> Show All Windows --> then click into the window. Its slightly annoying but lets you continue to alt+tab and look at other things while waiting for the next game to load.

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